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Season 1 - Episode 5

Guided Meditation

20 min - Practice


We are already Connected. Jessica draws our attention inward, guiding us in a pranayama and visualization practice to facilitate a calm and meditative state of being.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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And welcome, welcome to moving toward connection, connecting heaven and earth within the body. So you're just going to come into a comfortable seated position, anyone that feels comfortable. If you need to sit into a chair, please feel free to, but allow the feet to rest gently onto the earth, and then allow the spine to become long. And then close your eyes, allowing the upper lids to relax onto the lower lids. And turn the gaze inward.

Your palms and your hands can be facing the thighs, facing the knees, or if you prefer, you can turn the palms and the hands upward. And roll the shoulders slightly up and then back naturally, lifting the heart. And then keep the chin in line with the floor. We're just going to take the awareness now to that space between the upper lip and the nostrils. And the panasati, awareness of the breath, spontaneous breath that moves in, spontaneous breath that moves out.

Just notice the breath. As the breath moves in, it's slightly cool, and as the breath moves out, it's lightly warmed. Just smoothing the breath down, allowing your senses to draw inward, becoming soft. Just another minute of this. Every once in a while, notice the spine, you need to keep the spine lengthened.

Your attention on the inhale, know that you're inhaling, being breathed, noticing the exhale, noticing that you are exhaling. I'm going to turn the palms and the hands up, and three times as you inhale, raise the hands to the sky. Soft gaze from the tip of the nose down towards the earth. And this time we're going to bring the hands right to the knees, you're going to lengthen your arms, pull the shoulders up and back, and bring the heart forward, allow the hips now to move and anchor into the earth, extend the spine, inhale and exhale here a couple of times, and we're working on a breath called Kapalabhati, where you're going to be putting your attention on the exhalation out through the nose, and the inhalation is going to happen on its own accord. So I'll give you just a little visual for this, so that you're able to see it before you begin.

So you're going to deeply inhale, and you can go as slowly or as quickly as you want, we're going to start slowly from the beginning, exhaling out through the nostrils. Inhale is going to happen in between soft inhalation, almost unnoticeable, okay? So let's start, you're going to inhale, exhaling completely, inhale halfway, and we're going to begin. So, you're going to inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, filling the lungs, and then exhale out very slowly.

Drop the breath. Soften the elbows. Allow your attention now to float to the crown of the head, maybe into the lips, to the forehead. And you might notice a light, tingly sensation. Just notice. Without trying to understand, just notice.

The energy now is cola made, the crown of the head. When I ask you now, with your eyes closed, just allow this image to appear, and if it doesn't, maybe you can just feel it. Ball of white light above the crown of the head. And see this ball of white light spilling in through the crown of the head and painting the spine as it moves all the way down to the base of the spine, bringing white light. And then naturally, when it hits the base of the spine, see this white light again, moving its sway up the spine, back to the crown of the head.

And then like a wave, moving back to the crown, to the base of the spine. And then naturally floating back up to the crown of the head. So nine times, see the movement. White light, painting the spine, crown of the head to the base of the spine, base of the spine to the crown of the head. Now from the crown of the head, see this white light again painting the spine.

Going past now the base of the spine and moving into the center of the earth, connecting you to the center of the earth. From the center of the earth, this white light now is moving up through the spine, out through the crown of the head, and connecting you to the infinite heavens. From the infinite heavens, the white light moves back down through the spine, through the vessel of your being, the core of the earth. Nine times, see the light. Moving through the central line of your being.

Core of the earth, through the spine, infinite heavens. Infinite heavens through the spine, core of the earth. Feel that connection. White light, connecting you to the center of the earth, through the spine, moving all the way up to the heavens, connecting you with this infinite space. And you might notice that the image of your spine becomes that of a thread of white light, the central line of the shishumna, the channel of non-duality, the balancing of the left and right hemisphere of the brain, the high, the da, the masculine, the feminine.

Regenerating, healing, connecting, grounding, centering. Now stay with the image. The white thread of light, the center core of your being. And carry your attention now up the spine, that white light. And let it cascade out through the crown of your head and spill over your entire body.

Like an infinite well of light energy coming back from the core, moving up the spine, out through the crown of the head, spilling over your entire body, your entire being. Just another seven times. See droplets now of white light sparkling around your body, within. Radiating from the core central line, connecting you to the earth, to the infinite heavens. And then breathing naturally, spontaneously, actually allowing the body to be breathed between heaven and earth.

Just another minute here. Allow your body and your mind to be soothed by this white light. And very slowly. Bring your attention now back to the physical body. Feel the connection of your body with the earth, all the points of your body that touch the earth. Notice.

Notice the subtle sound of your own breath. And the noises around you in this room. And then spread the fingers, turning the palms of the hands upward, inhaling, bringing the hands to meet the sky. And bringing the hands now at the heart center. Rub the hands together, palms generating a bit of energy.

And then just spontaneously, you're going to take the hands, the healing hands, this light, this energy, and bring it to the place that you need the most attention. So if you're suffering from any physical elements, you're going to bring it to the lower abdomen. Any heart aches, broken heart, right into the heart center. And if you're looking for more of a connection with the heavens, you can bring it to the eyes, to the third eye. And if you have any other physical elements, you can bring it to those parts, like for instance to the knees.

And just take a moment here. Allow that soothing light to wash over this part of your body. Know that it's healing, regenerating. And then coming back, hands meet at the heart again. Then bow your head into the space, the fingertips.

And take a sacred moment here. Soften, melt into the heart, melt into the being of who you are. The core energy between heaven and earth. And then cultivate gratitude, deep gratitude here. For the ability to express it. With infinite grace.

Thank you.


Christine L
Thank you so much for this lovely meditation. I did this after a more active yoga session, and it was a perfection culmination of my practice for today.
Jessica Magnin
Hello Christine! I am honoured that this meditation inspired you ! Thank you for your presence. Love
Haley M
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That was beautiful, thank you. xo
Jessica Magnin
Thank you Haley and wishing you a wondrous holiday season. Sending you joy!
A ball of white light painting the spine...droplets of light surounding the body... these are beautiful and compelling images in a lovely and inviting practice. Thanks so much, Jessica Magnin .
Moira C
Much needed total mind, body and spirit meditation, thank you for guiding me.

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