Shakti Shazaam Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

From Chaos to Serenity

55 min - Practice


Jessica guides us through a dynamic sequence to increase stability, strength, and focus. The practice will generate inner heat and invigorate your spine. It will also encourage a sense equanimity and stillness within the movement of our lives.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Nov 22, 2014
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What a great series of poses - including some I've never done before. Thank you!
Yes, we love Jessica's creativity! Happy you are here. xok
Thank you Kristen!!!! I am touched that you enjoyed practicing with me!! xx
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Great to practice with Jessica on the other side of the world
Wow!!! Michelle, so great to have you close by even across the Big Blue!! xx
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After 6 weeks of doing almost no yoga (trust me, that doesn't feel good and I am glad to get back into my yoga routine ) that practice was a godsend! Thank you Jessica!!!! You have wonderful, loving and caring way to guide through a yoga practice! Namaste!
Thank you Sabine for reaching out and above all for rekindling your practice. I am honoured to have been part of your path back onto your mat ;). Sending happiness!!!
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Beautiful I liked the talk that came back during the whole session, and closed it all. Yes, I will surf this day! Namaste from Sweden.
Thank you Johanna for your feedback and connecting with me through this heartfelt practice. Hope to see more of you on the mat. Enjoy the ride and sending love.
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This was so wonderful Jessica! What an amazing way to begin my day of, now, serenity! I practice each morning with a video from the site and it brings so much joy.
You touch so many. What a blessing.
Namaste from Brooklyn, New York!
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