Spinal Injury Awareness

Quinn's Yoga Practice

Practice With Quinn

Quinn is paralyzed from the T12 down. She shares a yoga practice that she does in her wheelchair. She also shares a method for getting in and out of the chair. The third practice is a partner practice, filmed with Lydia Zamorano. Filming this partner practice was a peak experience. The fourth practice is a recording of her personal practice without any instruction. Watch the whole show here.

Chair Practice

Quinn Brett shares movement and breath practices that can done as a sequence or throughout the day to help promote circulation, alleviate stiffness, and improve outlook.

From Chair to Floor

Quinn shares her technique for getting in and out of her chair onto the floor to practice yoga.

Partner Practice

Quinn and Lydia Zamorano met on set to share a partner practice. Watching these two communicate so vulnerably, honestly, and clearly made this one of our most favorite episodes we have ever filmed.

Personal Practice

Filmed without any instruction, Quinn lets us in on what her yoga practice looks like.
Continue practicing with Quinn in Season 1 of Yoga for Paralysis to explore a variety of movements to increase range of mobility in the mind, body, and heart. Joining Yoga Anytime offers access over 100+ yoga shows to move, heal, and connect.