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Created on: December 31, 2018

Welcome to Therapeutic Yoga - Cheri Clampett

Playlist Created by: Bridgid | Classes in Playlist: 5

Suitable For: (Level N/A)

Cheri introduces to the first season of Therapeutic Yoga, where she shares therapeutic yoga practices weaving restorative postures, gentle movement, breath work, and guided imagery to promote deep relaxation, stress and anxie...

Created on: December 12, 2018


Playlist Created by: Shadha | Classes in Playlist: 3

Created on: October 02, 2018


Playlist Created by: ALice | Classes in Playlist: 2

Created on: September 07, 2018

psoas strengthening

Playlist Created by: Kristi | Classes in Playlist: 4

Created on: September 06, 2018

Bow of the Boat

Playlist Created by: Beverly | Classes in Playlist: 3

Suitable For: Relief of Neck and Shoulder Tension (Bow, bed, standing)

Love this one for evening stretching tension out of neck and shoulders. Sitting while on the bow of the boat, sitting on the bunk, and standing. This is the first practice with YogaAnytime, and loved it!

Created on: August 12, 2018

idil teaching

Playlist Created by: Idil | Classes in Playlist: 6

Suitable For: beginners, ashtanga students

my class notes and inspirations from my teachers

Created on: August 04, 2018

Meditation and Breathwork

Playlist Created by: Kylie | Classes in Playlist: 8

20 minutes or less

Created on: July 14, 2018

Yin Snacks

Playlist Created by: Vanessa | Classes in Playlist: 6

Created on: May 23, 2018


Playlist Created by: aylin | Classes in Playlist: 2

Created on: May 09, 2018


Playlist Created by: Annabelle | Classes in Playlist: 4

Created on: April 07, 2018

my weekend yoga

Playlist Created by: Nancy | Classes in Playlist: 4

Suitable For: level 2

Created on: March 23, 2018

Shoulder rehab

Playlist Created by: Shaz | Classes in Playlist: 2

Suitable For: Beginners

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