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Season 1 - Episode 7

Solar Plexus Chakra: Twists

40 min - Practice


We continue our exploration of the Solar Plexus chakra focusing on the muscles of the core that carry us into twists. Quamay leads a sequence to warm the spine, find length in the sides of the body, explore trunk rotation with and without the leverage of the arms, play with balance, and experience softening after efforting in our twists. You will feel relaxed and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Wonderful flow! It left me feeling strong. Thank you Quamay.
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Yes what Christel said! This course is fabulous . I so appreciate your trauma informed & person centered cueing . I really look forward to Mondays, when the latest drops! With this class particularly , I feel strong, whole and so content. Thank you 🙏🏼
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Quamay, you are a blessing in my life. I feel the love, the gentle guidance and sweet encouragement. I am so happy to be here with you. namaste.
Loved both core sessions, Quamay. Also very much enjoy your philosophy of the 'pause'. I often forget to 'let go' when involved in a flowy practice and I am finding that focusing on the pauses as you cue them has had an amazing effect on my practice :) Best regards and many thanks for this very enjoyable series.....
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Just loved this class, Quamay. Twists are bliss-inducing! Loved the approach - finding the core, then applying leverage. Beautiful. Lots of ideas to play with here. Thank you!
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Christel B Christel! I'm so grateful that I can support that feeling of strength! You are VERY VERY welcome :) 
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GIGI A Hey Gigi!  I'm so grateful that this course resonates with you as much as it does. It makes my spirit smile to know that these classes invoke a sense of positive energy and I just hope that it continues to support that feeling in you. Thank you! 
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Martha K Aww Martha! YOU are a blessing in MY LIFE! I can't tell you how much this comment means to me. Thank you for your kind words and my appreciation for you is beyond words. Namaste! 
Fun and energetic practice!  Awesome cueing . Thank you 🙏🏻 

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