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Season 1 - Episode 6

Solar Plexus Chakra: Crow Pose

45 min - Practice


This class emphasizes the muscles of the core building up to Crow pose. We explore engagement of the front and side abdominal muscles in core strengthening poses, modify standing postures, make space in the shoulders and upper back, and flip our arm balance in different positions in order to experience the shape before weight-bearing. You will feel centered and focused.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Quamay, you have a way about your teaching that encourages me to ease into and relax during a practice my mind normally resists (CORE). Dare I say I actually enjoyed this? Nice!
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Quamay! Deep gratitude for you, this practice, and season. Love and light to you!
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Arm balances are challenging for me! I appreciate how you've designed this class to build gradually towards crow pose. Sweet! 
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Jenny S Jenny, that is amazing! I am very much a fan of hard work, but I also take the idea of effort and ease very serious on my Yoga mat. I'm happy that we can turn some of that resistance into enjoyment! 
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Melissa  Gratitude for your gratitude! Thank you! 
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Kate M You are very welcome Kate! I hope that this class can serve as a tool to help arm balances become LESS challenging! Keep going ;) 
This was the perfect pace without getting me out of breath, loved it!
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Thank you Quamay S  that was excellent. I’ve struggled with Crow pose a lot before - terrified of going head first into the mat. It was great to build all the muscle memory on the way through the practice - I stayed up in Crow for longer than I’ve ever done before, and had no fear of toppling forward. I feel peaceful and relaxed, with a sense of achievement to take into the day. Namaste my friend.
I didn't get flight, as I locked in with the nuances of the prior movements. I realized which muscles are undertrained and let go of "I should have gotten this already". Really a brilliantly sequenced class, and I will practice here again, training my upper back and inner leg lines to move in new ways.  

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