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Grounded Joy

The practices of yoga are designed to increase our capacity for the apparent opposites. Grounded Joy offers a collection of delightful strong yoga sequences and practices to explore the play and balance of the opposing elements. Mastery of the earth element is required for flight. Capacity to withstand heat results in cool calmness. Spaciousness comes from attention to small details.

Season 2

Together we play with the polarity of finding ease and strength within more advanced sequences. In Season 2, Lydia shares a full spectrum of challenging practices that progressively build upon each other, inviting us to tune towards the magnificence of this strong and graceful human body.

Season 3

We dive into advanced afternoon practices and tutorials inspired by Lydia's in-depth study of the Vijnana Yoga system. Together we explore challenging postures, while inviting elements of ease and spaciousness within our being. You will feel more grounded, inspired, and alive.

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