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Lydia shares her love, tender curiosity, and passion for yoga with advanced tutorials and practices inspired by her in-depth study of the Vijnana Yoga system. Designed to be explored in the afternoon, these challenging practices are grounding and energizing in nature, and encourage a feeling-tone of fluidity, ease, and spaciousness through your entire being.
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Feb 17, 2016
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Welcome. This series of tutorials and practices make up Season Three of Grounded Joy. I wanna add a few things in about these practices, so all of the practices here are meant to be afternoon practices. The reason for that is the body shrink wraps in sleep, overnight, and you might notice when you get up out of bed, you feel like stretching out to open up, and some fluid movement helps for these practices because they demand a little bit more opening. Of course, if you do a morning practice that is quite warming for the body, then you can tag these on to that, but they're meant to be in the afternoon.

They're not exactly as they are in the Vijnana Yoga system, but they're based on that system, and the woman who comprised that system is named Orit Sen-Gupta, and she lives in Israel. There's a headstand and a shoulder stand practice, in this season. There's a tutorial for a headstand and a shoulder stand practice. I would say, it's super helpful to watch the tutorial first, and then go into the practice because I don't really outline a few key points, that are in the tutorials. I just flow right into it in the practices.

Another note on that is that the headstand practice is meant to be done before the shoulder stand practice, and a really nice practice is to link those two together. So, I don't do a Shavasana at the end of the Sirsasana practice because I'm hoping you'll do its counter pose, the shoulder stand, Sarvangasana, link them together, and then take a nice lengthy Shavasana after. This is a beautiful practice. A couple more things about these being afternoon practices. So, I love doing them at around three o'clock.

If I ate a light lunch at 12, wait a little bit, and three o'clock is kind of the time for me that I tend to crash. So, it's maybe the time when I want a afternoon coffee or some chocolate. All those things being fine, but if I have the time, and I have the space, then doing this set of practices around that time, or one, or even linking them together with some other Grounded Joy second practices, like the Standing Sequence, or the Backbend practice, they are really grounding and also energizing, so doing inversions in the afternoon, similar to having some caffeine, or a little treat, grounding and energizing so much. I hope you like them as much as I do. I would love to hear your feedback on them.

Thank you so much for practicing with me. Namaste.


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