Grounded Joy Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 1

Grounded Flight

40 min - Practice


Let your roots rise you. We begin seated to establish a relationship with a spacious and grounded center. Then Lydia brings us through a variation of Sun Salutations, into a fluid sequence of standing postures, and finishes with a playful invitation to Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand). Lydia’s cuing weaves precise anatomical terms with poetic energetic feeling tones. You will feel strong, expansive, and light.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Thank you for your teaching, some great tips for handstand, I'm ready to leave the wall!
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I get it. I am so sad I am only beginning now, at 45. After years of holding so much stress and pain in my body, yoga would have been my healing. Just words like "evenness throughout your body," "not trying too hard," "without compression," "hollow core," I totally feel it. "Move from the organs." Wow. I am amazed. :) Thank you so much. So grateful.
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Dearest Karen. Thank you for your generous listening and appreciation. Hearing those words back through someone else makes them even weightier. Much love to you.
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Sian, so happy you are ready to take the training wheels off. Happy flying. xo
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Sweet tips for handstanding Lydia, I felt so steady and grounded, so happy to practice with you again:)
Love love love that your'e here with me Laurisa! Thank you! Big kiss and hug.
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Thanks Lydia. Totally makes sense!
Frederic, that makes me happy that something resonated with you.
Thanks for the great teachings. I'm glad that you helped to bring my awareness to the "avalanching" that I do into my hip, groin, quad during those one legged balancing poses. I can't seem to evenly distribute the effort quite yet. I also get a lot of hip tension and walk around with my hips feeling jammed. Working on this could help me out a lot. Any additional advice on that? Thanks so much!!
Hi Alayne. Thanks for sending a message and for listening in to those subtle cues. Something that could support you is thinking of taking the top of your thighbones slightly back away from your hip flexor area. Counter this feeling with bringing both your tailbone and pubic bone down to the ground and towards each other (like they want to shoot down away from your heart and meet each other.) Think about applying less than 70 % effort when working with alignment cues. Also in your savasana you could work with having your knees up and feet planted or your calves on a couch with your knees up. This will help your hips to soften and get a signal to let go. Stay in touch. Big hugs. Lydia

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