10 Hints That You are In a Transformation

The primary aim of all spiritual practices is to prepare us for transformation. But rarely is transformation something we willingly choose. Usually it feels like we are being sequenced towards something somewhat against our conscious will. We can make the journey easier by paying close attention, remaining curious, and being willing to do what is being asked of us each moment.

Radical world events such as the global response to COVID-19 create enhanced pressure to relax our grip of a previously known reality in order to be in alignment with our deepest selves.

Here are 10 tips for knowing you are right on schedule.

1. You're Reading This Article

Rarely do we even notice the word “transformation” unless change is coming. No information will find its way to us until the heart is in search of it. It’s just like when we learn a new word and then we hear it all the time. This cosmic goo is benevolent and serves up what we seek.

2. You are Dissatisfied with your Current Scene

There is a feeling of boredom and even dread towards most of the things in your life. You don’t have the energy to do the things you used to do easily. Maybe you are lucky enough to still be employed, but you secretly wish you weren’t. You know going for a walk would be good for you, but you just can’t. You keep missing all those Live Zoom yoga classes. You can’t even find anything good to watch on television, and that’s impossible because there is so much good television right now. We’re watching Watchmen, Devs, Little Fires Everywhere, The Outsider, SNL at Home, and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

3. Actually, You are Irrationally Irritated

Everything that used to be fine now really grates on you. You are no longer able to hold your tongue, and discover yourself criticizing your partner’s teeth brushing technique. You hear yourself being mad at people you love. And most obviously, you are being really hard on yourself.

This nagging feeling of dissatisfaction and irritation is part of how the mechanism of transformation works. Vairagya is often translated as non-attachment, and there are two parts to it. The first stage is often repulsion. Anais Nin’s famous quote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom,” is a classic metaphor for the common and shared experience of being over it. The second stage of Vairagya is the experience of attachment to and desire for something higher or bigger. This brings us to #4.

4. You have had a vision of something much better

Once we have experienced a vision of what might be coming next, we are sort of screwed. The mind will begin to resolve the dissonance between where it currently finds itself and where it imagines it will go. Without even meaning to, we will begin brainstorming and a path will be seemingly organized for us. Surprising actions will start to appear at the top of our to do lists. The hard part is doing them. More on that in #10.

5. Your pants no longer fit

Instead of shaming yourself and imagining that you need to lose weight to fit back into your old clothes, consider that you are storing extra energy for the next phase. Dedicated effort (tapas) is one of the three magic components of preparing for transformation and you will not be up for the journey if you are starving. If you have been around growing kids, you know that just before a growth spurt, they bulk up. So get some bigger clothes and relax. Your weight will change again and again and again.

6. You’re Feeling Broke

Resources are helpful in maintaining the status quo. When our worlds start to fall apart, it can be tempting to try to hold things together with pure effort and credit cards. Stop. Let that energy that is trying to keep it all together power your transformation and help give birth to your next phase.

7. You're bugging everyone

An essential skill is the ability to notice when we are being a d*ck. When our patience has become tissue paper thin, we can no longer even pretend to listen to coworkers, and we are chatting in all CAPS, we’re probably being a super jerk. Extra confirmation is when even your dog or cat seems to be avoiding you.

This is a natural result of not having our own house in order. Apologize a lot and give your loved ones permission to call you out. Sit the next couple of plays out and practice all those relaxation techniques that you thought you were beyond. It takes actual work to be an a**hole and you need that energy to transform.

8. You’re over seeking relief externally

Whether it’s alcohol, weed, sex, fried food, too much exercise, or something stronger, we know when we are in excess. The attempt to escape is not a bad thing. It’s natural and normal to seek relief from the immensity of the human condition. If possible, find someone who you can confide the truth of your indulgences to. Essential to being able to change behavior is seeing the behavior clearly and softening enough to receive help.

9. You let someone shave your head

Our hair carries old energy. We all know that bouncey light feeling of a fresh hair cut. Everything feels orderly. When you discover that you have done something extra radical, like shave your head, chances are you're open and ready for something new.

10. You have no choice

Maybe Krisnhamurti put it best: “The free man has no choice.” If there still seems like there is a choice in your actions, then it is likely not yet time and there is not enough information. But if you have begun to experience a strangely quiet clarity and acceptance around the next indicated actions, then the transformation has already begun. The actions on the path of transformation usually require us to lean into sharp points and allow us to untangle the deeper layers of attachment. Relax, you are in good hands. It will still be scary, there might be blood and hurt feelings, but it’s gonna be okay.

Ultimately, self study, dedicated effort, and trust (Sutra 2.1) are three of the most important qualities necessary to unravel the mental affiliations (kleshas) that have us in their grip. We suggest dropping into Ravi Ravindra’s 10 Day Course on Self Transformation, picking up a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, adding push ups and other HIIT movements to your routine to help pull you out of your pout and show up for the new you that awaits.

About the Author

Kira Sloane

Kira is fascinated by the study of what Is and loves to examine the ordinary every day miracles. She serves as the President of Yoga Anytime.


I love you. You always speak to my heart. 
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Kira...maybe more than ever, your wisdom combined with your peppery sense of humor, comforts me to the core! Thank you so much for these words re: transformation and relating them to the sutras. The sages always KNOW! 
Lydia Zamorano, LOVE you so much.

Jaye! Thank you for your kindness and connection. xok
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I love this: ‘This cosmic goo is benevolent and serves up what we seek.’ and I especially love this: ‘Your pants no longer fit’.
Irritability is a marker for imminent transformation?  This is very interesting!  I get that you have to recognise you are being an arsehole before you can move beyond it, but this does please me. 
I love your writing Kira. I love your humour and wisdom. And I love your hair. 
Brilliantly funny, wise, real as sh*t, just like you, my friend. 
Ali, thank you for being such an essential member! xok
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Annie Moyer, it was so many realties ago that we were with a massive sea of people together! Miss you. xok
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Love you and the new head is cuuuute!! This is strangely reassuring. Not feeling too many of these because it's all been happening and continues to... the struggle is now less. So nice to swim in the cosmic goo together!
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Such a fabulous article from a real gem.  Thank you, Kira!
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