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Yogi Can't Jump

With an emphasis on core stability and mobility, these functional fitness routines will increase your confidence, strength, power, and speed. Designed to challenge you and shake up stagnant movement patterns, they will compliment your yoga practice perfectly.

Season 1


Elissa P
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Hi Kira and Helya. I've practiced functional fitness up here in Oregon and love it! So happy to see this here! It's such a great compliment to the other stuff I do (mix of yoga, dance, mountain bike, backpack, xc ski and trail run - depending on the season)... So I really appreciate having this option here on yoga anytime. I want MORE of this and longer episodes (like a regular class would be nice.... an hour long). Thanks for putting this in the mix!
Mercedes V
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more longer(45-60 min) class please
Sarah Beston
Hi Mercedes thank you for letting us know! Have you check out our show Power Hour yet? This is an entire show of 60 minute classes:
Eti E
she is great! love her. great workouts
Fernanda D
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Hi Sarah Beston , this and your 30min yoga flows are my favourites, whenever i can, i do one yogi, and then one 30min flow. Is that ok, would you recommend doing them the other eay around? I just like to have the relaxation AFTER a hot yogi, but wonder whether it would be smarter to warm up first with a flow. Thanks you both for great shows.
Sarah Beston
Hi Fernanda! I think the order in which you are doing them sounds great as long as that feels good in your body. I think I would do it similarly. Thanks for reaching out and all the best, Sarah
Fernanda D
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Please please plaae more of this. Can we have like a whole season of level 2 amd a whole season of level 3? Please ... ❤❤❤

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