Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 5

Buddha Dragon Yin Sequence

35 min - Practice


Alana guides us in a Buddha Dragon Yin sequence to flush the leg channels and to create more freedom in our shoulders. You will feel a sweet sense of relief and awakening in the body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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So lovely as usual Alana ❤️ My hip flexors and quads feeling quite alive now!
Jenny! So happy you're here! Love, Alana
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Alana I was waiting and hoping for another Yin practice. This is wonderful, I get such good stretches in my calves when stretching the leg straight up in dragon. Such a heavenly session. I look forwards to more Yin practices from you, it is the most peaceful, inward, meditative yoga for me🌾💮🌾
Wonderful to hear, Joan! You are such a dedicated yogini. I really admire your commitment to practicing. So glad you're enjoying these Yin practices. xoA
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I hope you have more Yin sessions coming
HI Joan - Yes, I believe there are three more Yin practices coming! With Love, Alana
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This is a splendid practice, and your instructions are so clear and easy to listen to and follow. This class is almost like being in your live class. :) Thank you.
Thank you, Lori. So happy to hear that this practice "spoke" to you. Communication is such a mystery and a miracle! With Love, Alana
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Thank you Alana! I needed something cooling and low to the ground today and this was the ticket. 
Hi Leah! Oh I'm happy to hear from you. Yes, staying low and close to the earth is such a sweet way to ground the energy and unwind. Lovely to be practicing together. Love, Alana
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