8 Ways to Find the Right Live Online Yoga Class

With yoga studios and gyms closed, many yoga teachers are now streaming their classes live online via a multitude of technologies at all times of the day. It’s wonderfully exciting, and simultaneously overwhelming. FOMO is real thing. To help reduce choice-anxiety, here are 8 suggestions to streamline your options and get you on the mat faster.

1. Stay local

Start with your local favorite yoga teacher. If you had a practice at a local studio or gym with a yoga teacher, and they are offering an online class, this is a great place to start. The familiar vibe will feel grounding and safe in these uncertain times. Also, your financial support might be the difference between their staying in business through this pandemic or not.

2. Follow your friends

Part of the joy of practicing live online is being in the same virtual space as your pals. This allows you to have a shared experience to look forward to going to and discussing afterwards. It is these shared experiences that many of us are missing.

3. Right time and day

For many of us, the class we end up at is still based mostly on how it works within our schedule. If you have a full house with others working or schooling from home, finding the time and space to commit to a practice is just as difficult, if not more so, as it was before. With teachers broadcasting Live from all over the world, that 1:00am class live from Paris, France might be just the one.

4. Easy to access

Patience with technology is an acquired skill. While Zoom is all the rage, the steps of registering, waiting for an email, and clicking on a link can feel overwhelming and even worse, doesn't always work. So, a social media broadcast on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube might suit you better.

5. Try a new teacher

Maybe you have a teacher with whom you have always wanted to practice. They might have a Live stream you can pop into right now. If not, they most likely have pre-recorded material you can download or stream. On her Instagram page, Lydia Zamorano (@practicewithlydia) shares short pithy tutorials and practice tips, especially if you are a yoga asana professional. Check out Rosemary Garrison’s Instagram (@vinyasaflowyoga) for information on her weekly Vinyasa classes via Zoom; she also has a great tutorial on her IG account on how to make your own yoga block. Or, for added fun, hop into the Way Back Machine and drop into the recordings of Alan Watts while you do your own practice.

6. Dive into an immersion

If you are feeling more time and space in your new quarantine life, this might be the chance to drop into a longer workshop or course. Ali Cramer is offering regular LIVE Ayurveda Workshops from her home in New York. She publishes her schedule via Instagram (@alicramer). Instead of pretending you are going to finally read the Bhagavad Gita, why not start with this course with Ravi Ravindra? We love Kelly Sunrose’s 10-Day Self Care Challenge. Committing to Erich’s 5 Day Freedom Yoga Immersion will be the tool to trust your personal experience of Yoga. Or maybe Alana’s 7-Day Savasana Challenge is the restorative nourishment you have been seeking.

7. Schedule a self practice with friends

In the old days, we would gather at Schiffmann’s home studio, play music, practice, and talk shop. Being with others while doing your own thing is so fun! Make a Zoom date with pals, show up together virtually, twist, bend, sit, and share stories.

8. Go for a walk instead

Sometimes it’s gonna just be a better use of your time to go outside, be in nature, and enjoy the new landscape. Have you noticed that the air is fresher, the water is clearer, and the stars are brighter since we all stopped rushing around? This is a magical quiet beautiful moment. Don’t miss it.

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Kira Sloane
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Kira Sloane

Kira is fascinated by the study of what Is and loves to examine the ordinary every day miracles.


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