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Setting Up Your Home Space

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Kira, with the help of Ted and Erica, walks us through five essential steps in setting up your dedicated home practice space.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 22, 2016
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(ocean waves crashing) Hi, we're in the home of Ted, Erica and Devin, who have been practicing online yoga since 2008. They've agreed to help us today to solve the problem of how to set up a home yoga space. So there are five steps to setting up a yoga space. One, you don't need a lot of space. So, watch how Ted just simply uses the side of his bed.

He's set up his laptop, he doesn't need much more than his arm's width. It's easy to pull his props out and put them back. Two, you can easily create space. So watch how Erica moves her furniture so simply and allows herself a sanctuary right in her own home. You're worth the space, let yourself create it.

You need room to grow, yoga will allow you to feel more expansive and if you are resistant to even finding room in your own home, it's gonna be difficult to make room for all the joyous wonders that are gonna come from your own practice. Three, while you might wanna be practicing in the hubbub of your family, where you might get disturbed or be in part of the action, some of you might prefer to find a private space. This can really help when you're wanting to dedicate yourself to your practice and really get the buy-in of your other family members. They're gonna benefit from your practice just as much, maybe even if not more than you. So schedule time to find your private alone time with your teachers online.

And four, it will really help if you dedicate your space. And then when you come into your practice area, it will meet you, it will support you, it will encourage you. And the other thing is, we have so many teachings on the site that require no space. Truly these teaching are really ultimately about opening the heart and the mind. Let yourself discover the depth of what we have to offer by turning on one of the talks while you're doing something else.

You're gonna be thinking about something. You're gonna be listening to something. Why not listen to something that really opens you? Helps. (cheerful music) So to recap, in setting up a home yoga space, you don't need a lot of space, you can easily make space, dedicate your space, maybe find a private space or choose a practice that needs no space.

See you on the mat.


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