9 Tips for Establishing a Successful Home Yoga Practice

Making a change in our daily routine is simply a problem of physics. Whatever we are doing or not doing is propelling us towards what we are going to do or not do next. So, as obvious as this may sound, the key to establishing a home yoga practice is starting a home yoga practice. There is no short cut or magic bullet method other than actually doing it.
Here are 9 practices that we have found helpful for gaining momentum.
  1. Accept your own resistance
  2. A primary hurdle is our internal discord. Part of us wants to begin a yoga practice, and a larger part of us does not really want us to. A yoga practice changes us, and we generally prefer things to stay the same. Know that this desire to stay in the known is a condition of being human; your struggle is not unique to you. We are all playing with this internal opponent. With some dedication, this same strength of resistance becomes your ally and aligns itself to maintain the new behavior pattern.
  3. Make a plan
  4. The mind loves to plan; it’s one of her favorite activities. So to help her feel useful and get her on your team, make a plan to help organize your efforts. We highly suggest going through the steps of productivity in guru David Allen’s Natural Planning Model to get the best results. For now, simply make a list of the reasons you are wanting a regular home yoga practice. Circle the one that is really true, and allow all your efforts to serve that purpose.
  5. Small practices matter
  6. Recent studies have shown that people who engage in shorter practices throughout the day are less stressed than people who practice for a super long time all at once. So, those 10 minutes of sun salutations in the morning, 5 minutes of sitting in the afternoon, and 2 minutes of legs up the wall at night really matter!
  7. Put your practice time in the calendar
  8. It’s a known fact among long time yoga practitioners that if practice is scheduled at a regular time on a regular daily or semi-daily schedule we are more likely to succeed. You will quickly discover if mornings or evening suit you better. Choose the time where you find the greatest reward.
  9. Record your practice
  10. Studies have shown that when we journal about a goal, we are at least 50% more likely to accomplish it. In a dedicated practice journal, before every practice, write down:
    • How you feel
    • A list of what has your attention
    After and maybe even during your practice, write down:
    • How you feel
    • What you did
    • Any insights, discoveries, or questions
    • Any next actions in your life that became clear while on the mat
  11. Interact with teachers on the site
  12. All our teachers here at Yoga Anytime try to be present and available for your questions and comments. Let the teachers know you like the practice and if any of the instructions could be more clear.
  13. Include friends
  14. Let your friends know what you are doing and hoping to accomplish. Invite your friends to practice with you at your home or virtually together. Sharing your experience of the practice with another helps create the new language and internal container necessary to establish the Ground of Being that is trying to evolve.
  15. Post it
  16. If you are an extrovert, embed your practice in social media, and post your images and thoughts. Receiving support and encouragement from friends can really help you stay motivated. Posting a photo of the online class you are doing that day is a form of record keeping.
  17. Be gentle and kind
  18. We all skip our practice sometimes. You will too. These are the days you find out if your practice is actually working. Can you be gentle and relaxed and easy with yourself? Can you still journal about the day? Can you be willing to get back on the mat tomorrow? We’ll see you there.
Kira Sloane
About the Author

Kira Sloane

Kira is fascinated by the study of what Is and loves to examine the ordinary every day miracles.


Allyson K
Thank you!  
Rebecca Delpin
I'm excited to journal about my practice! thank you for these lovely pointers. 

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