Why You're Already Enough

What if all you had to do to be ready for summer was to fall in love with yourself? I know that confidence can come with age, experience, or hard work, and I also know it comes from knowing that you’re already enough—right now, as is. But, it doesn’t matter much if someone else tells you so, you’ve got to feel it for yourself.

What does enough feel like?

For me, enough feels like living in my capacity and enjoying the liberation that that brings. It means no longer comparing myself to others in a way that brings me down. Moving from comparison into celebrating your own capacity is powerful yet challenging. Yoga has given me an arena where I know the only person I should ever compare myself to is my yesterday and the dreams of my future. My true litmus test for happiness and health should be how I feel in my body and how well it functions in the world. I personally am always seeking low stress and high body confidence.

Do you want a summer body?

Great. You’ve got a body and today is the start of summer ... welcome to your fabulous summer body! Can it take you to the beach? Can you smell the flowers, or feel the sun on your skin, or splash in the waves? Fantastic! You’ve got a summer body doing big summer things, and that should make you feel elated. And, when it doesn’t, can you take a pause and ask yourself why? There might be something you’re holding onto that isn’t yours to carry. Put that shit down and enjoy swimming into summer with your capacity and confidence instead!

Steph Winsor
About the Author

Steph Winsor

Steph is a yoga and meditation teacher based in New York City. You can practice with her on Yoga Anytime in the Enjoy Yourself: 7-Day Summer Challenge.


Hannah H
I needed this today. I'm doing the Enjoy Yourself challenge for the second time this summer. I really love this approach to creating wonder and joy for yourself rather than seeking it from outside sources. Thank you, Steph.

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