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Jennifer introduces us to Season 2 of Mandala Yoga, where she offers a series of sequences to help grow your practice from the inside out. The classes in this season are designed to build on season 1, and are offered in sequential order. Practices will explore forward folds, seated twists, hip openers, balancing postures, core stability, and inversions, while linking the mind and breath.
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Feb 15, 2016
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(water crashing) Namaste. I'm very happy to be back with Yoga Anytime, creating season two. Under Mandalay Yoga, this series is called Growing Your Practice. I wanted to take what we've developed so far, and move to the next place. How is it that we really use the shapes that we're making to evolve and transform ourselves from the inside out.

I've selected 84 postures. There are about nine series here, and those 84 postures are divided among the nine. They move sequentially. There are two series I recommend doing as often as you can before the other series. One is called Elements of the Practice, where we slowly break down Surya Namaskara, or the Sun Salutation, while at the same time opening the joints.

The second one is called Preparing the Ground. Standing postures where we really root downward, strengthen the muscles of the legs, create stability. And out of those two practices we'll be able to move intelligently and a little more fluidly into the other series. We'll look at forward folds, seated twists, hip openers, we'll address balance postures, we'll look at core stability, we'll look at opening from the inside out, and we'll do some inversion work. The series, because it's designed sequentially, is for beginners and those who've been practicing for quite some time.

We'll look at what to do with the mind and the breath while we're taking these shapes. We'll look at ways of moving through the postures, exploring different directions within the postures, and what is it that we do when we turn within. I hope that you love this series, and I hope that it's with you for years to come. Namaste.


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