Practical Magic Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 10

Make Love to the Mystery

30 min - Practice


Kelly shares a floor practice to help us drop deep into our center. Guided by curiosity, we explore subtle and bold movements, investigating sensations in the body. We build towards a supported Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose). You will feel more alive and expansive in your own skin.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Kelly Love, this "Mystery Lovemaking" class was pure bliss! Thank you. xoxo
Dearest Angel! Your words just MADE my day! Thank YOU for being here. xoxo
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Isn´t our body not a wonderful mystery? As I practice and teach Yoga more and more, I felt more and more in love with the mystery of our bodies. Thank you for sharing this practice. Especially for the pose with the straight - corssed legs for the center. A perfect Mix, not too intens and not too less for me today. Have a wonderful sping break week!
Yes, Silke! That is a wonderful place to be in...ever-curious about this body we spend so much time in and with... and there is always another layer to discover. So happy to read this.
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Kelly, what a wonderful gift to find this practice today, almost 5 years on from when it was first shared  ...almost one year into Covid lockdown the "befriend the boredom" made me smile almost as much as your hippo impersonation. So mysterious how synchronicity guides us if we can just embrace it! I hope this finds you well and ever curious!
Dear Michelle F, Thank you so much for practicing with me and writing this note. This is still one of my own favorite practices at home and I am smiling so happily to read that it resonated with you. All love, Kelly

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