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Season 2 - Episode 2

Earth as Our Essence

10 min - Practice


You are exactly where you need to be. Rebecca guides us in a meditation to ground and center us, regardless of external conditions. We draw our awareness towards our breath, noticing the nuances and sensations. You will feel more calm, quiet, and spacious.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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(ocean waves) Welcome. I'm Bex. And I'll be guiding you through meditation with the theme of earthing as our essence. Come to a comfortable seat or recline. Once you've established that, close your eyes. With your eyes closed, your lips softly meet each other and you allow the breath to move in and out through the nose.

You begin by just watching the breath. Consider yourself a connoisseur of your breath. Noticing all the nuances. Whether you're reclined and you have many points of contact or you're seated and you can feel your shin bones, your sit bones, consider those places earthing you, rooting you down through your mat, through the floor, all the way into the core of the earth. As you breathe, lengthen through the center of your spine to tap into that individual intelligence and that place where you recognize you're exactly where you need to be.

As you follow the trail of your breath, and you ground yourself, any shape you're in is perfect. So when the mind starts to chat, just watch as if the thoughts are images projected on a screen that arrive and depart. As you have glimpses of spaciousness, and we claim that worthiness that is your birth right. So travelling inward, noting your breath, feeling that connection to something bigger, delve deeper. Each breath an invitation to make peace with everything, everything, everything inside.

So you're generous with your breath and you're receptive in the space knowing that you are held, you are held by the earth. And in the stillness you're patient, so patient with yourself, that as you slow down and unravel, you allow, you allow for your gifts to be received within you, knowing you are enough. So you feel the illuminated quality within you that allows you to reconnect with what is always, always, always inside you. That divine spark of calm. Zero expectation of yourself.

When the mind wavers, come back to the points of contact. To the sensations. Allow the sensations to bring you into each new breath. You sit, and as you feel yourself plugging into something bigger, you're saturated in your own flavor, your own essence, noting the way that you showing up, just as you are, benefits all that those that you contact. You could continue to sit longer on your own and explore more.

Bring your hands to your heart center in prayer. Take a moment to acknowledge your efforts. The benefits that you just gave yourself. Know that the universe always has your back. Namaste.


Robin J

love practicing with you it was a great meditation thank you

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