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Bend It Like Bex

Season 2

Focusing on strength, core integration, and precision, Bex invites us to continue the conversation and expand the dialogue through practices that build on the lessons of the previous season.


Holly P
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Is there going to be a season 3?
Kira Sloane
Hi Holly! Bex will be launching Season 3 of Move to Meditate around December. Hope to see you there! xok
Christina F
Love all of Bex @RebeccaUrban's classes and the Move to Meditate Season 3. Hope she can add additional classes or a challenge. I think I've done almost all of the classes from all three offerings multiple times. Thanks Bex for sharing your gifts in this setting! Love her meditative spirit and light heartedness.
Kira Sloane
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Christina, so happy to hear about your connection to Bex and her teachings!!! She is a bright generous human being! Xok

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