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Bend It Like Bex

Season 2

Focusing on strength, core integration, and precision, Bex invites us to continue the conversation and expand the dialogue through practices that build on the lessons of the previous season.



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Is there going to be a season 3?
Hi Holly! Bex will be launching Season 3 of Move to Meditate around December. Hope to see you there! xok
Love all of Bex @RebeccaUrban's classes and the Move to Meditate Season 3. Hope she can add additional classes or a challenge. I think I've done almost all of the classes from all three offerings multiple times. Thanks Bex for sharing your gifts in this setting! Love her meditative spirit and light heartedness.
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Christina, so happy to hear about your connection to Bex and her teachings!!! She is a bright generous human being! Xok

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