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Season 1 - Episode 4

The New Now

50 min - Talk


Yoga is the inquiry into Truth. Erich courageously shares his freshest insights at the beloved International Ojai Yoga Crib from the historic Krotona Hall in Ojai, California. He dives into an exploration of "the 4th dimension," inviting us to consider that we are not a body being aware, but rather we are that (consciousness) which is aware of the body. Essentially, we are conscious eternal beings with a radiant light body. Therefore, exude love.
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Dec 06, 2015
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I am so happy that YogaAnytime captured this talk from the final Ojai crib on video, and has made it available here. I recently used the inquiry "What is the truth here really?" while with the in-laws. It truly transformed my experience of the visit when I realized that despite our differences, it all comes down to love.
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Thank you dear Erich for an inspiring talk (as always), I'm taking it all in and practicing practicing practicing! Thank you for sharing this wisdom and for making me laugh! It's so much easier to learn and open up while smiling ; )
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Thank you, as always!!
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There is much to ponder here. That conscious shift away from death programming to immortality can be a tough one. Here's to the Light body.
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I first listened to this on Tuesday, today is Friday, its relaxation effect has stayed with me throughout. Even listening and remembering what you say Erich, resonates biologically with me. your teaching is so powerful.
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Oh my ... this may be the Talk of talks, the Gift of gifts, the Sharing of all sharings, for this perfect time, for all of our ears and hearts. From the beyond, to the beyond, for the beyond ... NOW! ??

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