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Season 1 - Episode 2

News Report with Erich Schiffmann

40 min - Talk


Love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real. Erich Schiffmann shares his latest insights at the 2014 Ojai Yoga Crib in Ojai, California. He opens with two of his favorite analogies, reminding us that there's more going on than we are currently seeing, and to trust the intelligence of our inner guidance. Erich explores themes of truth, consciousness, and healing, bringing us into an expansive state of loving calm.
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Oct 20, 2015
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Thank you Erich - and thank you Yoga Anytime for sharing this precious gem. "Saw Ye That Dolphin."
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Awesome. Thank you.
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Really enjoyed this, bless you Erich!
Oh Erich, this was most beautiful! You are so beautiful! I so wanted to be there live but super grateful to have access to you here. Much love, Bhakti
This was from last years talk.
The new one will be up soon :))))
So glad you liked it, Bhaktiji.
Thank you for saying.
Timeless and true insight brother... Thanks Erich. I can't imagine how the "new" one will be much better than this! But I am curious...
thank you, Peter, much appreciated :)))
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I love what you say and I love how you say it
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Total appreciation for your clarity and insight dear Erich. So happy you are on this site.
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