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Season 1 - Episode 3

The 4th Dimension

10 min - Talk


Erich shares his freshest insights into the nature of consciousness and Infinity, expanding our awareness to allow for new ways of Seeing and Being. He invites us to sink into the possibility that we are 4th dimensional conscious beings. Prepare for your mind to be blown.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Oct 20, 2015
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Thanks for the courage to talk about it, Erich. You're being willing to tell the truth - and we all benefit. Thank you, too, Yoga Anytime, for sharing this.
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YES. Onward in joyful curiosity!
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Thank you, Erich. I always look forward to your talks and
practice. I love how you bring the truth out.
Peace and love.
Wow. Cool. It always makes more sense when I hear you explain it.
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Many blessings ... I experience awareness and consciousness as separate from Mind...It stands behind. "I" watch my mind launch into gear with its comings and goings but that mind is the layer above/before/in front of the almighty Infinity which is my true nature. The Kingdom, if you will. Have you found that too? OM...! Selima
Loved this... While listening to it I started to compare it to David Hume's philosophy of self: that we are merely bundles of perceptions (which we have no control over) that attempt to make the perceptions evidence that the self exists, even though this is unjustifiable. However, your way of describing it is much simpler, rather than forms that are conscious, we are all consciousness that is aware of forms (though ultimately the forms are not something we have ownership of or should view as the totality of our being, since our true state is consciousness which cannot be contained ). Thanks Erich, I keep on loving your videos!
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Beautiful. Thanks for the reminder Erich, and for posting these rich insights YA!
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I am amazed. I keep hearing things inside of me saying i am the vastness of the universe..like I'm inside out.. Erick just gave it a name and form (or formlessness 😆) I am genuinely blown away....
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Seriously mind-blowing!!

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