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Season 1 - Episode 3

Find the Mystical Note

45 min - Practice


Erich guides us through a Freedom Style asana practice. We begin by shaking out any habitual tension before moving into a sequence of postures, consciously exploring our options and choices along the way. He invites us to close our eyes, get into it, and allow our whole body to be a mystical note.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Find the Musical, is simply an amazing practice. Loved how the lunge series moved into triange. It was a juicy nice surprize. Grateful for the practice.
Love the sequences in this session.
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Wow, I was surprise to find this practice a bit challenging, I loved it, definitely felt that subtle joy all throughout, Thank you Erich!
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Finding Freedom Yoga has blown the doors off my practice!!! I will never look back! So glad to have found your online Teacher Training as well.So so much Gratitude🙏🏼
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I love what you said about practice being tension free where it’s “easy”, get used to it. If you’re not practicing where it’s easy you won’t be doing it in the harder moments. As if you are lovingly preparing yourself for all of the beautiful challenges you will certainly encounter, be they emotional or physical. ❤️

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