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Season 1 - Episode 3

Find the Mystical Note

50 min - Practice


Erich guides us through a Freedom Style asana practice. We begin by shaking out any habitual tension before moving into a sequence of postures, consciously exploring our options and choices along the way. He invites us to close our eyes, get into it, and allow our whole body to be a mystical note.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Find the Musical, is simply an amazing practice. Loved how the lunge series moved into triange. It was a juicy nice surprize. Grateful for the practice.
Love the sequences in this session.
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Wow, I was surprise to find this practice a bit challenging, I loved it, definitely felt that subtle joy all throughout, Thank you Erich!
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Finding Freedom Yoga has blown the doors off my practice!!! I will never look back! So glad to have found your online Teacher Training as well.So so much Gratitude🙏🏼

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