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The Erich Schiffmann Show

Sink in with Erich Schiffmann. Here you'll find a collection of his teachings inspiring deep inner listening, trust, and the courage to be yourself.

Season 1

This season, join Erich atop Meditation Mount as he teaches his day-long workshop within the loving embrace of the Ojai Yoga Crib. Be with us as he shares his latest insights, guides us in meditation and asana, and turns us loose to find our own inspired movement with some Freedom Yoga.


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How wonderful to have all of this to re-experience and contemplate again and again.
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Erich I started a meditation practice and continually go back to your meditation sections of this show to help ground and guide me as I begin this adventure. I am curious if you would consider creating a show that offers several guided meditations? thank you for your teachings and all you share.

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