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Kira introduces us to long-time yoga practitioners Jani Jaatinen and Ricky Tran. Though both are most popularly recognized for their asana practice, this season they point toward the interior and the part it can play in the physical expression of yoga. Referencing the texts, bandhas, the gunas, and the breath, Ricky and Jani invite us into a subtler aspect of their practice.
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Jan 30, 2016
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Welcome to season five of Inner Workings. Super excited to be here. It's the first time having two teachers in a season and we're lucky enough to have Yani originally from Finland but now living in Borneo and Ricky originally from Vietnam but now living in Dallas, Texas. We're still working within the saddle and the inner workings and a relationship with the breath but taking it a little bit more into the asana because how do we maintain this relationship of the interior as we start to want to do more because this is really the call of the yoga is to be in the world and to be able to be in action in the world connected to the subtle take some practice and so Yani why don't you speak a little bit about what you're sharing in this season. Okay so I'm gonna lead the practice based on Bandhas. First we go through the Bandhas and how you work with the Bandhas and then then I'm gonna lead a couple of practices how to how to apply Bandha work in asana practice and then I later I speak a little bit about mind and how how Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Shuddha sees the saddle body Sukshma Sarira and then and then we then I later I speak a little bit also about how how you can actually apply this kosha thinking in the in the daily yoga practice. And then Ricky why don't you tell us a little bit about what we're gonna explore with you. So what we're gonna do with my classes is we're gonna help to one educate you guys on the gunas the qualities these subtle qualities that affect our minds and our bodies and in doing so we're gonna be able to reduce the Rajasic tendencies or these this fickleness this fickle energy that we have in both our bodies and our minds and our sluggishness or confusion which we also experience in our bodies and our minds to help increase the clarity and and Satva lightness in your body and clarity in your mind so that you can really experience what meditation is all about those of you who've never meditated before. Meditation isn't something that we can just do it's like trying to control the mind. Meditation is something that happens as a result of proper preparation and these three classes that I'm going to offer is a doable practice for all levels so that you can't experience stillness and who you truly are. So thank you so much both of you for being here and be sure to also watch the conversation it's just so magnificent to hear what longtime yogi practitioners have to say about the breath because the breath has been this invitation to study from our yogi friends for a super long time and it seems like it's still working.


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