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Jani Jaatinen

Jani Jaatinen

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Jani, a.k.a. Gokulacandra, is a sincere, dedicated, and devoted yogi who shares his love and knowledge of yoga in a clear, dynamic, generous, and authentic manner.

Gokulacandra, the founder of Gokul Yoga which was established since 2012, has been practicing yoga for 20 years now. He started exploring yoga with Janne Kontala, a friend of his as well as lifelong teacher. In deep connection with the traditional yoga, Gokulacandra’s practice focuses on the internal practice, with its holistic quality comes from the inclusiveness of working through Physical, Energetic/Emotional, Mental/Intellectual, Existential, and Spiritual platforms simultaneously which is fundamental to the Patanjala Yoga process.

A native of Finland, Gokulacandra is currently based in Malaysia with his wife and family. Other than teaching at his own studio, he travels around the globe teaching workshops and teacher training.

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