Inner Workings Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 17

Advanced Play

10 min - Tutorial


Jani shares some of his more advanced personal techniques for the adventuresome yogi. Make sure to properly warm up before joining in.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Mar 19, 2016
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Now we're going to do a little bit more advanced, a little bit of play with the asana and don't try this without proper warm up and also try a little bit of technique before doing it. But this is just to play a little bit with the pose, okay thanks. So sit down first, put that shin and front thigh out, open chest, then inhale, move knees back and then press out of it together. So this is kandapida asana. If you do this, try to rotate shins out, front thighs out, both rotating out.

And then stand up, open chest. Hold for a while, a couple of breaths and then inhale, come up and lift up, rotate shoulders out and then exhale, release, inhale, rotate upper arms out. And then exhale and then inhale, forward and then right foot behind the neck and then extend left arm forward and then try to pull your leg under the shoulder line. And then right arm over your knee, rotate upper arms out and then bend forward, give spine long, sides long, open chest, hold for a while and then inhale, up and exhale, release the leg. And then inhale, exhale and inhale, exhale, lift, cross.

And then left foot outside of the hand, leg behind the neck, then under the shoulder line and then left arm over your knee, rotate shoulders out, open chest and then bend forward. Keep sides long, spine long, put hands on hold for a while, then inhale, up, exhale, release the leg. And then exhale, down, inhale, exhale and inhale, turn forward. And then Vipada, yoga dandasana, press palms together, open chest, lift the anom, keep sides long, spine long and then press hands down and inhale, lift up, try to open chest forward and up, upper arms out. And then exhale, step or jump back, inhale, open chest, exhale, down dog.

Then inhale, right leg outside of the hand and then leg behind the neck, open chest and then inhale, lift and exhale, chaturanga, inhale, open chest, exhale, down dog, lift groins and inhale, jump and then left leg behind the neck. And inhale, exhale, inhale, open chest, exhale, down dog. And inhale, exhale, go down, take your feet, turn elbows forward, open chest, inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale, knees down and then inhale and exhale, open chest. Inhale, the left heel next to hip, then press palms together, kapada, back asana and then get right foot behind the left ankle, omadev asana, open chest, stay in them up and then exhale, go down, inhale, exhale and other side same. Right heel next to hip, palms together, hold, rotate shoulders out, rotate your right front thigh in and then bring your left foot behind the right ankle, palms together, stay in them up and then exhale, release, inhale, exhale, inhale, jump forward, exhale, inhale, open chest, exhale.

Inhale, inhale, open chest, inhale, open chest, inhale, exhale, exhale, open chest, exhale and inhale, sit down. Okay thanks, namaste.


Edward Z
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Thank you Jani. This is truly inspirational!!'
Karen S
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Holy cow.

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