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Kira welcomes us to Yin Yoga, where she will offer a series of progressive Yin Yoga sequences as a gateway to meditation and a way to touch into the subtler energies of Self.
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Feb 21, 2016
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(waves crashing) Hi, welcome to season one of Wait For It. We're gonna be exploring some yin yoga practices in hopes that they might prepare us for meditation. The rumor is that asana prepares us for meditation, but a lot depends on how you offer yourself to your asana. And so these practices, which are progressive in nature, are gonna start to allow us the opportunity to start to slow down and meet ourselves. We're gonna be offering ourselves to shapes, holding them for extended periods of time, and through the season, those shapes are gonna start to get slightly more complex, and the holds are gonna start to get longer, with the hope that we can become more and more and more comfortable with (exhales) what sometimes is called santosh, contentment, ease, satisfaction with what is, particularly ourselves.

Sometimes it's emphasized within the yin yoga practice that we can increase our flexibility within what's known as our connective tissue. That's not my particular focus in this season one. If you're really interested in the study of connective tissue, I suggest you check out our friends Arturo and Jules over in the Anatomy of Yoga. I'm interested in yin yoga as a gateway towards meditation as well as a way to touch into subtler energies of yourself. I was not able to sit in meditation until I was introduced to this practice by my good friend Sarah Powers, and the ever notorious Paul Grilley.

Thank you so much to both of you. I'm so glad all of you are here. I hope you find these practices helpful, and please let me know how it's going. Love.


Katherine F
Thanks Kira. I look forward to watching your movements and descriptions of exploring more the subtle body through the yin yoga....that catches my attention much more readily than a more physical discussion of connective tissue.
Kira Sloane
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Dearest Katherine, please stay close and let me know what roadmaps help and what you are discovering! xo kira
Stacie C
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Oh my goodness, I am SO excited to start this!
Bridgid M
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L V E 
Kira Sloane
Bridgid M, thank you for being here! xok
Peter Ferber
Propoganda is all around us.  Often, it's not recognized as such because it comes across as a rule, uniformly applied without explanation.

Case in point: "He."  When I learned the rules of grammar, I accepted it as common practice that if giving instruction to a hypothetical person to perform a task, you use the masculine pronoun.  Why ask why?  It's a rule.

Thank you, Kira, for shaking up the grammar textbook.  I find myself treating myself better in practice, using feminine pronouns.  
Kira Sloane
Hi there, Peter Ferber ! Love!

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