Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Meet Yourself with Ease

30 min - Practice


Offer yourself to yourself. Kira leads us in a series of Yin postures, holding each pose for 2-3 minutes, to help us tune into the subtle details and find ease in the hips and lower back. You will feel aware and calm.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


(waves lapping) Nice to see you again. So we'll start to add a few more shapes and yet we'll continue to keep our holding time around that two to three minutes, so that we're still jus...


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I wasn't feeling that well so decided to try something a bit slower pace. So glad I did as it was easy to follow and felt calmer after it. Certainly something to incorporate with my other classes on here. Thank you Kira ??
Dearest Senada, I hope you are feeling better and glad to be practicing together. xokira
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Such a wonderful practice. I did it right before bed and I feel amazing. Many thanks!
Sweet, Samantha! xok
Thanks Kira, great practice for the evening before going to sleep!
Totally agree, Frederic! xok
Thanks for this great class. It was perfect for me for today. Namaste
Thank you for being here, Aparna. xok
Lovely. Thank you Kira:)
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Dearest Tesa, happy to be together here. xok
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