Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Soften and Listen In

40 min - Practice


Kira guides us through a soothing Yin sequence, holding postures for up to 5 minutes to allow us time to experiment and spend more time with ourselves. Listen in and feel the magnificent, subtle details of the body.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves rushing) Sweet to be together again. We'll continue our exploration of offering ourselves to hold a little bit longer and start to introduce some more shapes. Meet me at the bac...


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So grateful to have the opportunity to continue this practice together! I especially loved today what you said about everything being rumor until we experience it for ourselves. Such a lovely practice once again Kira, thank you for helping me come back to and discover myself. Love!
Hallie! LOVE! xok
Lovely practice! Ahhhh. Such a gift, thank you. I saw our dear friend, Angel, in Ft. Worth last weekend. She and Michelle Landy did some fantastic workshops at her studio, Temple Road Yoga. Angel and I discussed how much we both appreciate you and Yoga Anytime!
Dearest Tesa, oh lucky you to get to see Angel! Thank you for being here! xok
Soooo Nice..... Thank you again...
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Just what i needed ! Thank you, Kira ....
Hi Karin! Sweet to see you here. xok
Kira-your yin practices are such a healing gift. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and kind energy.
Thank you, dear TS. xok
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Kira, what an opportunity to grow in awareness of where I am physically and spiritually. I appreciate your calmness and encouragement to try even difficult poses in my own space and time.
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