Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Yin to Listen In

50 min - Practice


Kira guides is in a juicy Yin sequence with holds up to 5 minutes in each posture. Throughout this sequence we are reminded to listen to our internal teacher so that we can begin to know who we really are.
What You'll Need: Mat


(rushing water) Hi there, it's sweet to see you again. So let's slip into another yin sequence. This time we'll offer a few new postures. We'll start to play with a little longer hold....


Wow Kira!! I am loving your Yin series!!! I have been doing yin for years and have never done the double pigeon 5 mins. on each side. Hello external rotator facia I had never formally met before! So happy to be gently released. My hips and my soul feel more open radiant. Thank you you for your kind and gentle instruction.
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Tesa, love. So fun to be here together! xok
Honest to goodness, I laugh out loud each time I I practice with you:D Your verbiage cracks me up! Today, my favorites were, "s'up knee?" And, "we don't need to adjust to the crappy." So much fun:)
Tesa! You are a doll. xok
What a fantastic yoga class. Thank you so much!
Thank you for being here dear, Trisha. xok
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Kira, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to Yin yoga! with just a few practices, I feel an ease and comfort in my body that I haven't felt in a really long time!!! especially my hips and lower back. but all over really, as I go about my day I am waiting for the flitch of a stiff joint and its just not there! and I can sit in meditation with greater ease also and well that's just priceless. thank you. I really appreciate you and everyone at YogaAnytime for sharing all this wonderful wisdom.my practice has grown in depth of understanding since joining YA, I think that NOW, I am practicing Yoga. Namaste.
Dearest Maria Elena, nothing could make me happier. Thank you, for showing up and allowing the practices to work their magic. xok
Feeling completely open and relaxed after that Kira Sloane. Always great to practice with you. XXX
Dear Kira,
So grateful for your wisdom and humor....your compassionate invitations to dive slightly deeper, at the right pacing for our own hearts (and fascia;) is just what I needed. Namaste. xo
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