After Namaste Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Teaching Yoga

5 min - Special


In this special teacher profile, Yoga Anytime teacher Alana talks about learning to communicate the teachings of Yoga, the importance of truly listening, and working with elderly and beginner students.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Feb 22, 2016
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Thank you for your comments.
i share your opinion, it is difficult to teach and work with elderly and beginner students, but i love it too.
I love it to see how they grow, and love to see the little sucesses of their own.
And I love to see my People, who are since many years in my class, when they make a pefect Asana
Beautifully said, Heike. Thank you for sharing.
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Can I please 'love' this video?! You are an inspiration Alana! Thank you so much for your classes and teaching. They are the reason I now finally do yoga regularly!
Hi Laura, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. This warms my heart. Yoga has changed and transformed my life and relationships in so many ways. I feel tremendously grateful and lucky to share what I love and believe in. Thank you for being here! xo Alana
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you are an old soul...
: )
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Thank you for teaching!
Thank you for being here, Laura! We are in this together. With Love, Alana
Love your comment, Kate. I feel so seen by you. xo Alana

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