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Season 3 - Episode 2

Meditation: I Am Enough

10 min - Practice


You are already enough. Melody leads us in a landing meditation to tap into our breath, find our ground, and enter into our truth. We become aware of sensations and emotions, anxiety, self-doubt, and fear, breathing into it. "I am enough" is our mantra. You will tap into a power, strength, and peace that already exists.
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May 26, 2016
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(waves and ocean flowing) So welcome to this practice, yogis. I want to talk to you about the feelings that come up for all of us when we are struggling with not enough-ness. And sometimes the shadow of not enough-ness, which is too much-ness. I feel like they're both part of the same complex issue that arises for all of us, when our ego is in the way. I know that this comes up for me often.

And so, I wanna offer a landing practice for you if you're in any kind of moment, where, perhaps you have a conversation that you're entering into, or an audition, or some aspect of discomfort, that you know is bringing up a feeling of anxiety of maybe I'm not ready. Maybe I'm not prepared. Maybe I'm too imperfect, or too much of a beginner, and I don't have what it's gonna take for me to arrive into this moment, in a way that feels comfortable and safe. What if, instead, we try to land together, to tap into our breath. To find some ground, and to re-enter into the truth, that how you are in this very moment, and what you bring into this present moment, is all that you need.

That you already are enough. That you already are ready. And that this moment only requires your authenticity and your truthfulness. And your ability to breathe into it. Into this presence, and into who you are now.

So with that, if you'll join me, in finding a comfortable seat. You might be in a chair, and if so, see if you can get your sit bones into the chair, and maybe your spine against the back of it. If you have the ability to sit like I do, feel for getting your knees underneath your hips, so that you can create length in your spine. And then after you've arrived into a comfortable seat, let your hands rest gently on your thighs, or if it's more comfortable for you, on your lap. And let's close our eyes together.

And take a very deep breath in through your nose. As you breathe in through your nose, allow your lungs to expand wide out to the sides. Allow your lower diaphragm to expand on that inhale. And then as you exhale, allow your lungs to constrict, and all of your breath to come in and out of your nose. Taking just a few deep breaths in and out.

This breath, our capacity to manipulate the length and depth of the breath, is the one thing we can always come back to, to feel at home and to be inside of the truth, that we are right here. When we're in our breath, we're in the now. The now that gives us access to the enough-ness. So feel now for what's underneath you. Tap into the ground underneath you.

Any parts of your body that are bringing up any sensation. And ask your body for permission now to sit. And to be inside of the stillness of this practice of meditation, knowing often it allows for discomfort. Continuing to breathe, feel for the oxygen as it touches the tips of your nostrils. Recognizing that that breath was already there, and just now you're bringing your awareness to it.

When we bring our awareness to something, we remember. And in the same way, as we can remember that we're breathing, we can remember we are alive, we can remember what we've already been through, that's prepared us for this moment, of unease and of uncertainty. And now ask your body for permission to allow sensations. Sensations that are the precursors for emotions. Emotions that might include anxiety or fear, insecurity, embarrassment.

If these emotions are arising and coming into your consciousness, do your best to let them be. Without trying to change or fix them. Do your best to be aware that these emotions are here to teach you something. Perhaps, if you can allow room and space for these emotions, they have room not only to roll in, like the waves behind me, but also to roll out. By recognizing them, and not attempting to defend against them, you give them permission to teach you, and you offer yourself permission to release them.

Keep breathing. Notice, where the sensations are in your body. And feel for any limiting or constricting sensation in your body. Same as with the emotions, do your best not to try to shift the constriction or the tension. But simply allow it, breathe into it.

And then give yourself permission to call in support. To call in your guides. Your truth, your love, your spirit guides, your ancestors... those that you feel allow you to know you're supported. There's strength with you and behind you.

Knowing that you're not alone, in this meditation and in this practice or in this work or in this effort. And with the ground underneath you, with Mother Earth holding you up, and with your guides flanking you, take a breath into now... Exhale it out... On your next inhale, say the word in your mind "I." On your exhale, say the word, in your mind, "AM." Inhaling I, exhaling AM... Inhale I, exhale AM.

Continuing in this way, inhaling I. And exhaling AM. If it would be helpful to you to fill in the blank after the AM, with the word enough, or powerful, or capable or ready, do so. As you continue to inhale I and exhale AM. I...

Am... I... Am... Continuing with the I on the inhale, and the Am on the exhale. Filling in the blank as you need, as would fill your heart.

Allow yourself now to visualize, walking into the scenario that is causing the fear. Picture yourself now, or what does the person with whom the conversation needs to be had look like? What are they wearing? What's the expression on their face? What is the setting or the scene, that you're afraid to go into?

Perhaps feeling unprepared. Insignificant. What is the context? And allow yourself as you inhale I, and exhale Am, to visualize you in this body, in this moment, arriving, landing, flanked by your guides, in the palm of spirit's hand. With the wisdom of the universe conspiring in your favor to show up, just as you are.

Already ready. And allow your body, in that scene, to feel at ease. Allow your breath, in that scene that you've created, to feel deep and slow. As you inhale I, and exhale Am, give yourself permission now, room to picture what it would be like, to feel at peace in that moment. To feel like the words will come.

See yourself successfully navigating the situation that's bringing up the fear. As you inhale I, and exhale Am, remembering the ground beneath you. The God within you. And finding peace in the present moment, of your breath inside you. One final time, inhale I, deep, big, bold inhale.

And as you exhale the word Am. You have arrived, you're here. Bringing yourself now back to this moment, away from the visualization, and into your body. Feel for the sensations that are here for you now. Perhaps a little more openness through your collarbones.

Perhaps a little more awareness, of your heart center. Maybe even feeling a trust in the ground that is beneath you. Resting in the truth, that you are enough. When you're ready, slowly begin to open your eyes. Grounding yourself back into this present moment.

And rejoining me in the now. Hope this meditation has brought you peace. And has reminded you, in fact, that you already are. You are ready in the present moment to walk into whatever situation, maybe was causing the fear. And know that you can come back to this meditation at any time.

Thank you for joining me, Namaste.


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I love Melody's 'I am Enough' video - it's a perfect 10-min prep before jumping into something new (and 'jumping into something new' is my general life practice) I'll use it again and again to create a comfort zone-launching pad!
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Beautiful, thank you.
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I just keep coming back to this lovely meditation. It's just perfect. Thank you.
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this was my first Meditation and it was really lovely. Thankou x
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I am Enough  

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