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Season 1 - Episode 6

Quick Morning Yoga Workout

10 min - Practice


Wake up and start your day off right. Denise shares a short Vinyasa sequence designed for those days when you may not have time for a full practice. You will feel energized and replenished.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


if you only have ten minutes to get your body in action, this is the video! it's dynamic and really hits the spot if you really don't have the time for a longer practice but do want to do something to get going in the day in the right frame of mind.
So great to hear this practice helps you get your day going Emfortee! Thank you for the feedback.
In gratitude,
Great quickie! Thank you:)
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You're absolutely welcome Tesa! Anytime you can fit in a few minutes to reset and connect makes a difference. Happy to hear it worked for you.
In gratitude,
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Love these short and sweet flows. Thank you for looking after us Denise Antonini.
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It’s an honor Simon Be well, Denise
thanks for the energizing wakeup!
You are ever so welcome Shawnee!
Excellent!! 10 min videos usually are not enough, but this was so good! Thank you!!
So happy it worked for you Laura ! I know sometimes we don’t have the luxury of an hour or more for practice. Every bit helps. See you on the mat soon!

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