Practice with Patricia Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Hamstring Stretch at Wall

10 min - Practice


In this variation of supta pandangusthasana at the wall, Patricia shares safe and effective techniques to stretch the hamstrings. This practice is designed to relieve tight hamstrings, resulting in a feeling of freedom and openness in the pelvis and legs.
What You'll Need: Mat (2), Wall (2), Blanket (2), Strap (2), Block (2)

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I tried this video because I only had 10 minutes. Wow! That was a well spent 10 minutes. my hips feel so free and open. I love the way Patricia adds belts and traction to this pose. I think that really makes a difference.
So true, Patricia, the extra belt from heel of one leg to thigh crease of the other tractions not only the hip, but also the low spine. The result should be that joyful feeling of space you report, and it doesn't take very long!
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Thanks Patricia, This approach helps the muscles understand traction in a way that you feel safe & supported. Very useful

Catherine, I'm happy you found this short piece so useful. It's very different from the pose without traction and teaches us something about the subtlety required in letting go (of anything!). Blessings and Love!
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What a brilliant and juicy sequence - the traction adds a new quality and dimension to this classic. Dig it!

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