Practice with Patricia Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Safe Sirsasana

30 min - Practice


We are supported. Patricia demonstrates a 3-block headstand at the wall. This intelligent sequence allows us to experience a safe and effective variation of sirsana. You will develop strength and confidence while increasing your flow of energy. A true classic!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Block (3)


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Very helpful explanation. Thanks Patricia!
You are welcome Ana! Thanks for the feedback. I hope the ease of being upside down grows with this practice for you. You're welcome to ask questions if something comes up. Warmest Bows, Patricia
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I had dropped headstand from my practice because of neck issues, but his was wonderful. Thank you for sharing a nice way to incorporated this back in.
Hello Linda,
I'm happy to learn this video lesson is bringing you to headstand again. This is why I teach - to help others! Blessings, Patricia
I love all the preparation work it's really helpful. Can I confirm that your head was not resting on the floor in the final variation? Thank you. Namaste
Yes, Sian, your head is meant to not be resting on the floor. Some of my students like to lower themselves down so they're lightly touching but that is optional.
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What a classic. And? I officially want to be Patricia Sullivan when I grow up. I deeply appreciated this instruction - while I'm pretty comfortable in headstand (and I'm 99 percent sure I do it safely), I've been very reluctant to teach it for all the usual reasons. This sequence is one I'll be studying and practicing a lot. Thank you!
How happy am I that this gives you some tools to pass on to your students - remember to encourage them to go slowly and stick with the prep work for a while before attempting even a short headstand. Love
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I love the meticulous attention you give to body, mind and breath as you embody the attention of the yoga offerings...
Thank you Victoria - the body is our temple and tool for great awareness and compassion. Enjoy that as your approach. Make your own version... Love!

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