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Season 1 - Episode 6

Hip-Focused Flow

35 min - Practice


Rob guides us through a fluid Vinyasa practice that focuses on the first, second, and third chakras—finding a sense of grounding, while igniting the the fire within. We build heat and energy in the body with dynamic namaskars and core work. You will feel rooted and alive.
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Jul 06, 2016
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Namaste, namaskar, friends. So, today we're gonna get started. We're gonna open up the souls of the feet. And as we come into this flow, this practice, we're gonna be focusing in very deep. I love to get into, to sort of the chakras.

So we'll be focused really into the first, second, and the third chakra. So we're feeling that really grounded energy, but igniting it with some fire. Right, it's good to get into the fire. So we're gonna start opening up the feet nice and wide, getting the base open. Let the arms come out to the side and feel them rise.

Just take your time. And let's draw the hands down through the center line and allowing the eyes just to soften. As the arms reach out to the side, let them rise softly. Feel that expanding. And as the palms come together, feel the radiance of Heaven just drawing down.

Once again, sweep it out to the side. This time we'll offer the sound of Om to begin our journey. Om. The eyes softly opening, continue just with the arms, let them rise. And as you draw down, this time bend the knees, sit towards the heels.

Feel as we come into that Malasana. Let the hands release, lift the hips, sweep out, feel that rising. And drawing Heaven down, sitting towards the Earth, feeling coming into Malasana. One again sweep out, let it rise up. And then drawing down, sitting towards your heels.

Press the knees away and lengthen the spine, lifting the hearts. And then take the right arm down, shoulder on the inside, extend that right arm out, and then let the left arm open up to the heavens. And drawing back into the heart's center, take a moment, press the knees away, lifting the heart. Take the left arm down, the shoulder on the inside, extend, press it away, and then taking the right arm out and up as you rise. You can gaze up, adding that little extra fire, or if you need to, look down, cool the body.

Coming back to center, press the knees away, lifting the heart. And as the hands come to the Earth, lifting your hips up. Walking out now as you come into your first Down Dog. You can take a moment, just pausing in your down dog. Spread the fingers wide, root down through the souls of the feet, feel Pada Bandha, root to the Earth, Hasta Bandha through the hands.

We're gonna continue, today we're gonna feel this double leg lift. Now, focusing the double leg is to really not so much the lifted leg, but the grounded leg. That rooted energy. So as the feet come together, press the right heel down towards the Earth, inhale the left leg, let it rise. And as you exhale, lower the left foot by the right.

Inhale the right leg, let it rise. As you exhale, step the right foot forward between your hands, ground your back heel, slight angle. Inhale, let the body rise coming up, Vera one. Now let the arms open out nice and wide. Feel the space, just let it expand.

Hands in a lace behind you, drawing the heart up, and then keeping that length, lead with the heart, just bow to the inside. Humble warrior, crown of the head, last thing to come down. As you press down to the souls of the feet, inhale. Rising up, Vera one. And exhaling down to the Earth, stepping back into Plank.

And again, first cycle will take it easing knees down. Gazing out half Chaturanga, elbows to the ribs. And your choice, take Cobra, or if you're feeling, rising into Up Dog. And then drawing it back into down dog. And again, feet together, and coming into this flow.

Double leg lift, press the left heel down, feel the right leg as it rises. Exhale, right foot by the left. Inhale, let the left leg rise out and back. Exhale, step the left foot forward between your hands. Back heel grounding slight angle, let it rise coming up, Vera one, root down to lift.

And then hands open wide, come down behind you, interlace your fingers. Draw the shoulders together, feel the heart shine, and then bring the heart forward bowing towards the Earth. Humble Warrior. As you press down through the souls of the feet, inhale, rise, legs don't change, just the upper body, soft. Exhale down, step back to Plank.

And again, knees down, or again if you like, straight legs, Chaturanga Dandasana. Let the heart rise, Cobra, or Up Dog, lifting. And then drawing back into Down Dog. So we're gonna take two more cycles together here in this Namaskara and this opening flow. Together, here's one.

So feet together, left leg, inhale. Double leg. Exhale, left foot by the right. Inhale, right leg, let it rise. Exhale, coil in, set the right foot forward.

Vera one, in breath, let it lift, so one breath, one movement, exhale, open. Inhale, shine the heart, and then let the heart bow to the Earth. Feel the inhale. From the root, rising, lifting, power, strong through the legs. Exhaling down, stepping back.

Knees down, straight legs, Chaturanga Dandasana Inhale, heart will rise. And exhale, drawing back, Down Dog. Feet together, double leg lift, right leg, inhale. Exhale, right foot by the left. Inhale, left leg.

Exhale, left foot. Stepping through, back heel aground, breath rising, inhale. And then expand, radiate out, open, exhaling. Inhale, heart lifting. Exhale, bowing to the Earth.

Inhale, rising, coming up. And exhale into the Earth. Stepping back, your vinyasa, or if you need just back it off, step back into Down Dog. Flowing through Up Dog, and back into Down Dog. Last cycle, and this time we're just gonna take out that one little extra movement.

So feet together, just follow along, double leg lift. Inhale, left leg. Exhale, left foot by the right. Inhale the right leg. Exhale the right foot stepping through Vera one.

Inhale as we rise, now this time we'll take it right in, Humble Warrior. Open, exhale, lead with the heart, and bow. Inhale, rising, so should be feeling that nice heat warm in your body. Begin to radiate out your vinyasa, or skip the vinyasa today. Up Dog or Cobra.

And drawing it back into Down Dog, feet together, right leg, inhale, let it rise. Exhale, right foot by the left. Left leg, take your time, letting the breath guide you. Back in. Inhale, rising.

As you open, bow to the inside. Lead with the heart, third eye lasting. And then the crown of the head. In breath to rise. And down, yeah.

Stepping back, your vinyasa, or skip it completely. Rising up, shining the heart, and drawing up and back into Down Dog. Take a moment, just breathing here. Inhale, and as you exhale, sink a little deeper letting the heart bow, crown of the head go. If you still feel you're holding on or tensing up, just let the head sway a little.

Right and left. And then as you softly walking the feet forward, walking the feet to the outside of the hands. And we'll come right back how we began into Malasana. Yeah, you should notice the difference, right? Right away, you're, like, ah.

As we began, the hips may have felt a little tight, now that we spent some time, you're feeling them nice and warmed up. So letting the hands come down behind you. Sit to the Earth. Yeah, ah. And take hold of the backs of the thighs bringing the shins up.

So again, as we said, we're gonna be focusing in on the first, second, third chakra. Yeah, manipura chakra. Love this area. So getting in touch with the core, into your fire. Lengthen the spine, lift up.

And then taking the legs out. Arms out, legs out. Knees can stay bent, heart lifted. And now press the heels away, lower the body down, and letting yourself pause a moment. Hover right here.

Breathing in. Take a deep inhale, exhaling. Now feel the navel drawing in, and then rising, yeah, it's that lifting up, woo. All right, so a couple more. Coming down, exhale, inhale as we rise.

Try not to rock, I know, that's the challenge. Move from your center. Exhale, and inhale. Now this time, as we come down, extending out. Take the hands behind your head, take your legs up.

This might look a little funny, but if you're doing this at home, no one's watching. Open your legs out wide. And press the heels away. And again, either keep the hands behind your head or take your hands out, interlace your fingers. Vera mucha, right.

And how we're going to feel this pulsation, lift and soften. And lift and soften, right. Lift, two more, soften. And lift, and soften. Lift, stay up, bring the legs back together, arms reach forward, coming down as one.

Stay with me, you can do it, yeah. Feel the navel draw in, rising up. Ooh, yes. So this time changing it up, coming down. Ardha Navasana.

Hands tucked behind the head, legs coming up. And then again, open the feet out wide, yeah. So keeping that lift, right. Taking your right and bringing it over towards the left. Reach reach reach.

And then come back center. Take the left hand over to the right, so opposite side, and back center, two more. Right, center, left hand to the right side, center, and right hand to the left, center, left to the right, center. Press, come up, arms reaching forward, legs coming down. Yeah, you can do it, Ardha Navasana, feel that navel drawing in.

Third chakra lifting, ahh, yes, Navasana. Then we'll hold tops of the knees, rock back, then we'll plant. Come up, woo. Ah, yeah. So you should definitely be feeling lots of fire here, lots of energy through the third chakra.

So, just close the eyes a moment reconnecting. Open the feet wide. Just that opening movement as we began. Sweep out. Rise up.

Draw down sitting towards your heels. And then pressing elbows into the knees, lift the heart. And again, take the right arm down, shoulders staying to the inside. Left arm will rise. And for those, this might be your edge, some of you may want to wrap, hands coming around.

Maybe there's a moment of binding. And then back, center, press the knees away, lifting the heart, and then changing sides. Left arm down, shoulder to the inside. Right arm rising, and stay here. Down, or look up, or if it's there, coming around and binding.

Then coming back into the center, ah. And then the hands come down lifting the hips. And again, just walking. We don't have to float back, just walking into Down Dog. Just finding that softening in your Down Dog, letting go, ah.

So again, just this one solar wave. As the feet come together, double leg lift, inhale, the left leg, let it rise. Exhale, the left foot by the right. Inhale, the right leg. And exhale, set the right foot forward between your hands.

Now, let the left foot turn parallel, left arm sweeps out, and the body rising up. Vera two, right. So just softly landing, extending out. And this cycle, let your left hand come behind your back, reach for your inner right thigh. Take this half bind.

Turn the right palm to face up, inhale, reverse, just follow. As you exhale, coming forward, just straighten the right leg taking it right on in. Half bound Trikonasana. Now with the breath, coming together, bend that right knee, lift the right arm, inhale, reverse. Exhale, coming in, Trikonasana.

One more cylce, inhale. And exhale. Let the left arm rising up. For the shoulder, feel that release, ah. Now gaze down over the right toes.

Soften the right knee, find a spot right out in front of you about a foot. Reach towards that spot, lean to it, and then lifting up, Half Moon, Ardha Chandrasana. Feel that all points just expanding, radiate out, everything from your center. Inhale, and as you exhale, stepping back. Rising, ah, Vera two.

Cartwheel down to the Earth, lower the left knee, straighten your right leg, lengthen the spine. And then bow over, Ardha Hanumanasana. Just feel that little ripple. Inhale as you lengthen, exhale, and fold. Then let the body come back forward.

So we're gonna feel this Eka Pada Koundinyasana in stages. So, everyone's gonna be in one stage. So we'll bring the hands to the inside. In stage one, some of you may be feeling very tight in that hips, and so we're just gonna rock a little. Some of us are gonna start to lower down onto the forearms, and some of you now will curl the back toes under and lift the left knee up.

Stay active. And you could rock a little forward and back. So you're seeing that shape of Malasana. Right, here, and again, just with the shoulder to the inside. Now some, this is your edge.

Just stay here, breathe, ah, yes. Like, yay. Some of you are gonna take it a little deeper and now working your right shoulder underneath. And again, rock a little, bring some movement into the hip if you like. Using your core, take your right arm out to the side.

And maybe the left arm. Arms open like wings, and again, your next edge might be coming around and binding. And some of you, as we come out, right? We just come out, step back, float through your vinyasa, but others of you, hands will come down. Keeping that right shoulder underneath, lift up, extend, and press the right heel away.

Lean forward, and then lift the left leg. And then step back, either through your vinyasa, or today, let's just take it back into Down Dog. No need to overwork the Chaturanga, right? Ah, breathe. To just feel how that right side of the body feels deep from the root, all the way up to that fire, awakened.

So, feet together, double leg lift. Right leg, inhale. Exhale, your right foot by your left. Left leg, inhale, let it rise. Exhale, set the left foot forward, right foot turns parallel.

Right arm sweeping out, rise up. Vera two. And taking that half by, even if you're just holding your shirt, holding your pants, unless you're doing it naked, that's okay too. The right hand comes around binding, turn the left palm up. Inhale, reverse.

And as you come forward, straighten the left leg. Reaching out, exhaling. Trikonasana, staying right in line with that left leg. Now with the breath, inhale, bend the left knee, lift up, reach back, pause for Vera two. Exhale, coming in, Trikonasana.

Inhale. And exhale. And let the right arm just breathe, the shoulder goes ah as you extend up. Gazing down over the left toes, soften the left knee, find that spot in front of you, reach towards it, reach, reach, reach. Ah, and then coming up, Half Moon.

Extend out, let everything radiate out from the center like a star, like the sun, just expanding in all directions. As you softly now, stepping back, rise and Vera two. Then cartwheel down. Lower the right knee, straighten the left leg, and bowing with the heart. And feel the spine as it lengthens, a little ripple through the spine, exhale, lead with the heart.

Once again, inhale, lengthen, exhale as you fall. And as you come back forward now, and we'll start left side. You may notice one side a little different, hands come to the inside, just pause. Feel as you sink down into that hip, keeping the left knee close to the left arm. Starting, again, down to the forearms.

Stay here, or lift the back right knee up. And again, take a little moment rocking. The movement in the hip really helps it to open to awaken the prana, awaken the flow. And then some, left arm comes underneath, and maybe that's your edge. Maybe the left arm open like a wing, maybe the right hand.

Come around, bowing, keep dropping the right shoulder, don't let it come up. And then there are those who, like, step back or try, you can just try. Try today, see what happens. Hands like Chaturanga, pressing, lift the left foot, extend then, maybe that's it today. Or you lean, and rise.

And step back, all in, into Down Dog. And take a moment, pause. Walk the feet once again to the outside of the hands and like we began, ah, Malasana. By now your hips should be feeling nice and juicy. Nice and warmed up ready.

So, let's take a moment, press the knees, lift the heart. And then bowing to the heart. Inhale, lifting the heart. And exhale as you bow. With the hands, come down behind you, sitting to the ground.

Here, bring your left foot in and extend the right leg. Turn over that right leg. So bringing the heart forward if you need to, left hand coming across, flex the right foot. Lengthen the spine, inhale lifting up, exhale now and fall. And again, whether you're holding ankle, outer edge of the feet, draw the heart forward, forward Sirsasana.

And lead with the heart, bowing towards the Earth. And softly roll the body up, ah. And then changing sides. So left leg extending, the right foot in turn over the left leg. Squaring the body.

Inhale, rising, lengthening, hinging from the hips as you fall. Again, wherever you're at, taking hold, driving the heart forward. And lead with the heart as you bow. And slowly roll the body up, ah. And as you turn on to your mat, I'm gonna roll down slow, controlled, onto your back.

And just keeping the knees bent. Plant the feet, just lightly brush the backs of your heels setting up into bridge. And so here, feel that, knees in line with the hips, heels in line. Imagine you're squeezing a block. Press down through the souls of the feet, and now lifting the hips up.

Pause here, interlace the fingers under your back, draw the shoulders together, press a little higher. And some of you might wanna reach down, hold the heels, wherever you're at. Just breathe, tilt the chin slightly. Just away from the chest, just so that the breath can flow, opening that channel. And slowly now, take your time, rolling the body down, one vertebra at a time.

And then drawing the knees in, giving a little hug. Take a little twist, just to release the spine. So crossing your ankles, take the right knee over the left. And then your hands, let them come down, take hold of the feet right where they're at. So like you're sitting in Gomukhasana, except laying down.

You can even take this Supta Gomukhasana. So, drawing the knees in. And now, as you, the bottom knee should be your left knee, lower it towards the mat. The right is the top, take it over to the left and then let yourself just turn. And release it.

Coming back up, hug the knees in. Uncrossing, and then recrossing. Left knee over the right. And again, feel this Supta Gomukhasana, feet opening out. And then the right knee coming down.

Pull the right foot in with the left hand. And then taking the right leg, extending out. And just press and turn. And then releasing, coming back, hug the knees in, pull everything in. And then extending out onto the Earth.

And allow yourself just to surrender down. Let yourself melt down towards the Earth, just letting go. Allowing the breath to be soft, and to seal the Earth as it cradles your body. Just letting go. Taking these moments just for you here.

So you take a deep inhale, open the mouth, let it out. (exhales) And let yourself let go, and just surrender. Feel that radiance of the divine just flowing throughout. And as you take a deep inhale, exhale completely, gently bring movement and awareness to the body. Inhale your arms up over your head, reaching.

Exhale completely. Draw your knees in as you roll off to your right side. And then pressing yourself up, feeling the body rising as you're coming up to seated. Let the arms sweep out to the side, rising to the heavens, lifting up. Then drawing down through the center, feel that radiance of heaven just pouring down.

Once again, inhale, sweep it out, rising, offering and closing the sound of Om. Om. As you honor that god, goddess within, Sadhguru. Namaste.


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Thanks Rob for this wonderful flow!
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Enjoying each of these sessions!
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