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Zubin Shroff

Zubin Shroff


We first began to be in conversation with Zubin in 2011 with the production of his recent book of photographs and interviews, Conversations with Modern Yogis.

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We enjoy his capacity to dynamically hold questions and apparent opposites with sincerity and humor. His relationship with light and truth allow us to see more clearly.

Zubin's relationship with yoga began while watching his grandfather, Rutton, practice daily. He eventually started his own practice at the age of 12 through copying his mother's asana practice. About twenty years later, the breathing practices of yoga allowed Zubin to survive and eventually recover from a near fatal accident when he fell 100 feet during a photo shoot, breaking his back, arm, and hands.

His primary teachers are Rodney Yee and Richard Rosen. As a teacher, he offers his students a spacious quiet to discover themselves.

Zubin continues his photography practice and serves as the Director of the Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, California. He and his wife live in Fairfax, California.
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