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In season 2, Arturo shares therapeutic and gentle practices to increase mobility and strength, and to relieve back tension. These sequences target the low back, hips, mid and upper back, shoulders, and neck. We are also guided through self-massage techniques with a ball to help release tension during an active back spasm. Arturo invites us to take care of ourselves by allowing our body and breath to be our guides.
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Sep 17, 2016
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(ocean tide) Hi, and welcome to the second season of the Happy Back Show. We'll be doing some sequences for the hips and low back, for the mid-back, for the shoulders, neck, throughout the whole back of the body, and combining some gentle yoga, some chair yoga, and some self massage, with balls to release tender points, especially in the hips and shoulders. All with the intention of helping your back be the Happy Back. It's important to be mindful of your back, since we don't have any personal interaction. I'd like to empower you to take care of your back by doing the movements as gently, or as largely, as feels really great.

This practice should feel really great. And if it's not feeling really great for your body, then perhaps it's a good time to consult with your doctor, or chiropractor, to get yourself ready to do a Happy Back practice. So, I hope you enjoy. Welcome, and thank you so much. Namaste.


Lillian M
Ike this . I have lower back problem

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