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Arturo Peal

Arturo Peal


We learn so much from Arturo's mastery of how the body works, weaved with his capacity for holding the Mystery.

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Arturo has a unique gift for translating complex scientific concepts into tangible, applicable teachings, while providing a safe container for personal exploration.

Arturo is the founder of Body Studies and has spent over 20 years inspiring and educating yoga teachers, body workers, and movement specialists across the globe through his classes in Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Therapeutic Touch. A Certified Yoga Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist, Arturo also holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has extensive clinical experience working with injuries and limitations. He orients his classes to meet the needs of students who must modify their yoga practice due to injury, illness, or the natural processes of aging. He draws inspiration from his own teachers Erich Schiffmann, Paul Grilley, Leon Chaitow, Richard Miller, and Leon Chaitow, Gil Hedley.

Since 1998, Arturo has crafted the curriculum and co-lead the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Trainings with collaborator Cheri Clampett. Additionally, Arturo holds a B.F.A. in Music and a fourth-degree black belt in Aikido. When he's not in the yoga studio or dojo, you can catch him surfing waves along the California coast.

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