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Season 2 - Episode 2

Upper Palate Meditation

5 min - Practice


Quiet is an acquired taste. Kira guides us in a short meditation focused on the nuances of the soft palate. This technique offers a touchstone, preparing us to align with the subtle currents in our Yin practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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(relaxing waves) So let's begin season two with a meditation that allows us to find this really sweet region of the back upper soft palate. So find yourself in a comfortable seated position. You could be in a chair. Snuggle in. Big deliberate inhale.

Exhale, let a (sighs) happen. Let the low belly relax and really let yourself (sighs) Take the necessary time to settle. It's really difficult to settle after the fact so maybe inhale again and exhale, let a (sighs) happen. Audible sigh. Once you feel like you've landed, allow the back of the heart to soften.

Find your shoulders relax back and down and what can help there is if you let your elbows get a little heavier and try turning your palms up if that's comfortable and now just start to find the alignment of the skull so that the head really feels balanced on the spine. There's a spot where the head finds her proper space, her proper alignment and the neck tension is no longer necessary. Yeah. Three. Okay, so together, we'll find this spot of this upper soft palate so bring the tip of your tongue to the back of your upper front teeth and then slowly now slide your tongue up along the hard palate.

So you're sliding your tongue back towards the back of your mouth, yes, and there's a little spot where's there's a cliff edge of the hard palate. Right after the cliff edge, you'll find your soft palate. Find that. Move your tongue around there. Mhm.

Okay. Then let your tongue relax in the lower bed of your bottom teeth. Let the head find her alignment again and then see if you can have the feeling of letting this upper soft palate dome. There's this quality of ease and as you find this upper soft palate doming, usually that encourages the back of the base of the skull known as the occiput, usually that encourages the back base of the skull to widen, take on more of a honey like quality. Usually the chin drops so slightly.

It's not extreme. And you'll know that you've found it 'cause when the upper soft palate domes and the back base of the skull widens, spreads, warms and the chin drops slightly and the jaw relaxes, usually when these tiny little shifts start to occur, there's usually almost an immediate quieting of the chatter of the mind. So you kind of know. Allow for a deliberate inhale and exhale everything. And let's be here together for a few moments with this just practicing this quality of doming, becoming more comfortable with the quietude that is available within 'cause really quiet is an acquired taste.

Sometimes we say we want peace and quiet but not really. Soften the hands, soft behind the heart. Soft through the mouth. Nice. Beautiful.

You might choose here to sit longer or this might have been the perfect amount of a touch in. I'll be referencing this technique within our practices this season so please, if my instructions didn't work, if it's wasn't clear, let me know. Love.


Locana S
1 person likes this.
Simply delicious !
Snjezana J
Absolutely love it! simple but knowledgeable guide in the areas that deserve more of our attention. Does Kira have more videos on TMJ, jaw, head and neck in general ?
Alison A
Thank you, Kira for this powerful and compassionate practice. It has a profound effect on my breathing: slowing and deepening and the silence is enormous.
Kate M
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Mmmmmm. Very sweet practice...
Sibylle M
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What beautiful unexpected deliciousness!! Thank you! ❤️
Kira Sloane
Sibylle M so happy to hear you tapped in!! Xok
Lily A
1 person likes this.
Quiet is an acquired taste! YESSSSS. I’m going to be quoting you on that Kira!
David G-
Getting soft in the upper palette does quiet my mind. I found that out in episode 2. Best, David
Pat Pao
1 person likes this.
Perfection!!!! Love, love, love!
Kira Sloane
Pat Pao! Miss seeing you regularly. So great to connect this morning.

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