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Season 2 - Episode 3

Affectionate Heart

40 min - Practice


Slip into an ocean of affection that already exists within. We begin with a meditation to align our hearts with the quality of affection. Kira helps us reference this physiological sensation as we move on our mat, inviting us to feel and remember how much the breath adores us. You will feel more sensitive and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves crashing) So, let's play with letting the heart align with one of its natural states, affection. We'll start out with a seated meditation, and then we'll play with allowing this...


Thank you! Loved it. Feel connected once again with that affection that reminds me of who I am . Namaste
oh, petra, your loveliness glows through you. xok
Thank you Kira, got a bit run down last couple of days so I'm feeling much more content after this practice x
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Kira dearest, thank you for this magnificent practice. I am feeling so blessed and grateful for this new series, to celebrate October which, to me, will FOREVER be yoga crib month.
Dearest Chars, nice to see you and happy this helped. Love K
Lori, love. Hi! Miss you! xok
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Kira, I so enjoy these practices where you incorporate the subtle. Thank you for sharing them!
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Meg, me too! Happy you are here. xok
Thank you Kira. I am so grateful for your classes and teaching. My heart feels buoyant.
oh, this makes me very happy, Cheryl. xok
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