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Season 2 - Episode 5

Exhale Everything

55 min - Practice


This practice plays with the subtle feeling of exhaling everything and moving on empty. Kira begins by guiding our attention towards an experience of Uddiyana Bandha before we move into incorporating this sensation into the rest of our Yin practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


(water lapping) Hi, welcome back. In this practice, we're gonna play with what it feels like to exhale everything and hang out on empty. We'll start on our backs. Lie yourself on back down, heels alig...


I want to know yogapant brand,so cute!
Hyejung Cho! Even better, they are super comfortable! K-Deer is the brand, home grown ma shop out of NY. xok
What a beautiful and subtle way to get into some more of the challenging bits of practice - asana and bandha. Thanks so much to you Kira and also to Barb for suggesting this video!
Hi there Shannon, isn't that fun? Happy to be practicing together. xok
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Agree with Shannon! Such great tools/phrases that I can use for myself and my students. Happy Friday!
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It became my most expensive class ever, since I "had to" pay K-deer a visit!
Petra! hahah! !
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Kira, do you do workshops and/or retreats? Anything booked for 2017? Do you have a website, beyond yogaanytime? Hoping to meet on the mat and in person next year!!!!
Hi Petra! Yes, but no where near Spain just yet. I'll be updating my site soon which is kirasloane.com. I too look very much to connecting soon. xok
I enjoyed this sequence and the theme of focus on the exhale and how it relates to letting go. I would have preferred that the instructor offer more silence, as is traditional in yin yoga.
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