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Season 2 - Episode 9

Embracing Compassion

35 min - Practice


Moving into a feeling of compassion through a brief opening meditation, Kira helps us carry the memory of that somatic experience through a series of Yin postures. This practice results in feeling supported, open, and compassionate.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


(waves lapping gently) So, we get into big trouble if we think we know what compassion looks like. What can really help us be effective is to know what compassion feels like. Compassio...


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that is so beautiful! thank you Kira.
Kristi, thank you so much for practicing together. xok
Oh, and Kristi, I just saw on your profile that you are close with our favorite Sonia. Makes me happy. xok
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Loved this. Was feeling sad the whole time but feel better now. Looking forward to exploring your other videos. Added you to my "feel better" playlist. :)
Dearest Wynter, the capacity to feel sadness or sorrow is an intimate thread of compassion. Good work, yogini. xok
Thank you Kira for your words of wisdom and compassion! Oftentimes we want to “fix” what is wrong, when what is needed is just being present......
Thank you Frederic for your being here together. xok
Thank you! Beautiful!
Hi Bonnie, thank you for being here. , xok
Another wonderful yin practice. Love the distinction between empathy and compassion! Thank you Kira.
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