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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 10

Day 8: Practice Positive

20 min - Practice


Robert guides us in an energizing flow practice to cultivate positivity and kindness toward yourself, while also building strength and flexibility in the body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


(waves crashing) Hey, welcome back. So glad you made if for day eight. I'm pretty stoked to be here, although, I am a tiny bit sore. But I love that feeling. I dunno how you're feeling...


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Wow, those side planks sure do challenge my arms and shoulders! I will approach them positively and be grateful for improvements, however gradual. Thanks Robert
Jill, the attitude we have going into the practice and into challenging poses can make all the difference! Keep up the good work, you will be stronger for it!
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Day 8! Loved it! I really needed this load of positivity. Thanks Robert! Have a great day, 'yall!
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I like that healthy soreness also, reminding me all day long of my commitment and effort, helping me to stay in the now. Nice flow on this day, it actually made me break a sweat! :) thank you! enjoy your day everyone.
Day 8! You guys are killing it!! Nothing but positivity for you Luisa:)
The 'healthy soreness', I love that it makes sense to you! It's a reminder that you've pushed yourself and your body, getting stronger!
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Definitely the most challenging practice yet! Can't wait to come back to this one after the 30 days and ask myself, "psh, challenging?!" :)
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I got stuck cos I got sick. Set depressed am behind so thank you for focussing on the positivity of everything. I was letting negative thoughts get the better of me. Thanks.
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Thank you Robert this is my day eight and loving waking up with this challenge to start my day. Those side planks were hard work however I know in time I will build strength and do them better each time. On to day 9, see you tomorrow!
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Hey Robert the forearm plank pose did me in - actually I laid there in a lovely forearm laying on my side pose. Are there any modifications that you can help me with. I am able to do all of the other poses - maybe not so beautifully but hey - but this one nadda. The rest of the practice excellent. See you day 9
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Oh yeah I loved that you mentioned being sore - that made me feel a ton better lol
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