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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 24

Day 22: Fly, Fly Again

20 min - Practice


Find your rhythm through repetition, discover you can fly, and move into your day feeling capable and strong at your core with today's yoga flow.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block


Hey, welcome back to Yoga Anytime. Thanks for joining me once again. Number 22, here we go. Be prepared to do this lunge salute, the sun salutations, over and over today. We're going t...


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I'm amazed on how far I have come with this series.....I'm feeling sooo good!!!! see you tomorrow :)
I'm with you Astrid! feeling So good! and amazed at how the consistency of 20 minutes a day can have such a significant effect on my practice and my overall feeling of wellbeing,:) I'm so grateful, thank you Robert, thank you Yoga Anytime! see you tomorrow, good day all.
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I noticed the other day that I'm starting to feel at home in my body again. Like you do as a child. This is something yoga gives me that nothing else does. Thank you for this series, Robert!
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Loved this one! I am feeling so strong! Thinking back to when we started and push-ups on the knees were difficult. Now I'm whipping out chaturangas without knees like it's my job!
Paige! I laughed out loud in delight.."like it's my job!" xok
I love hearing from you all! This has been so much fun reading these super positive comments and experiences you're all having!
'At home in your own body', Elaine, love that!
'Like it's my job'! Agreeing with Kira, laughed out loud:)
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I was saying to my partner before I started today that I was amazed how much stronger I feel. I went for a hike today and there is a place where I have to pull myself up a hilly part. Last year it was a real feat this year I did it easily. 20 minutes a day doesn't seem much but it really makes a difference. Thank you Robert.
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Another great session! Feeling fantastic, thank you
Thank You Louisa! Happy you are feeling so good! See you at Day23!
It does make a big difference Sam, I'm glad to know it is impacting you in your day to day life where it matters and feels empowering!
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