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Season 1 - Episode 32

Day 30: Finish Strong

20 min - Practice


Feel your strength, and go out with a bang with today's final yoga practice of rhythmic athletic movement, core work, and Robert's signature energy and fun.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block


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Number 30, welcome to yoga any time my friends. We made it. Number 30. I don't know about you but I'm pretty stoked this is big, it's big for me and I'm thinking it's big for you. So let's go out, no fireworks or anything I'm sorry. But let's go out with a nice strong practice together okay we'll put a lot of the things we've done together for a smooth cruise okay?

Let's begin, let's begin. 20 minutes that's all we have. Number 30, palms together. Breathing in and breathing out. Let's do it one more time. Bonus.

Breath in. Let's have this last practice be just pure gratitude. Pure gratitude alright? Give it a shot. Let's start with some energy so if for some reason you're like I'm a little lethargic I'm not ready for a lot of energy stop the camera warm up a little bit and join for some sun salutations.

Okay. Inhale, circle the arms up. Exhale, forward bend. Inhale, lift half way. Plank pose exhale.

Inhale for a push, lower down breath in, push up exhale. Good, four more. Inhale, exhale. Bring your knees down if that's better for you. Exhale.

Two more just kinda get right to it. One more after this one. So breath in when you lower, pull the belly up to push up. Good now pause here, inhale. Exhale lower down half way, upward facing on the breath in shoulders back long spine strong legs, and exhale downward facing dog.

If we had more time my friends I'd have you do 30 of everything how about that. You can do that on your own. Come up to the front of the mat, inhale lengthen, exhale fold. Strong legs through like a chair position right? Breathing in reaching up, breathing out palms to your heart.

Again breath in and exhale forward bend. Inhale lift half way, exhale plank pose. 10 taps on each side so hold this solid plank, bring your right knee to the right elbow. Left, right, left. And when you pull the knee up to the elbow, the belly pulls up like you ignite the core brace the core before the movement.

Okay let's go five, five, six, six, seven, seven, eight, eight, nine, nine, ten, ten. Strong take a breath in. Exhale lower down half way, inhale upward. Exhale downward. Calm, steady, relaxed, focus.

Come to the front of the mat. Inhale lengthen your spine. Full exhale down. Strong legs rise up and exhale palms to the chest. Inhale arms high, exhale forward bend.

Inhale lengthen. Exhale step back into plank. Pause, on your next exhale lower down with control. Inhale upward, exhale downward. Lift the right leg high breath in, exhale right foot all the way up.

Bring the back heel down, grab your block, put it on the low medium, I'm gonna put it on the low. You can put it on the medium or the high. Left hand on the left hip, pull the left hip forward as the right hip pulls back. Extended side angle. Grounded feet, the shape of the pose, now it's all about how you inhabit the pose, how you live in the pose.

You can take that left arm, put an angle on it. Take that left arm all the way back up and now straighten that front leg as much as you can. Open chest. Press into the big toe mound of the right foot. Bend warrior two.

So bend the right leg, warrior two. Hands on the hips, square the hips now. Lift the back heel. I'm gonna leave my block right there. Left foot comes up and lands on the right thigh for a seated kind of flying pigeon action okay?

So here we go. Knee up, bend the right leg, left ankle on top of the right thigh. You can stay just like this or even take the arms out in front of you, reach your seat back for a little bit more of a seated position like a chair. Point your left toes forward to protect your left knee. Long spine, braced belly as always.

With control straighten the front leg, release the left. Inhale the left high, exhale step it back. Move the block forward, good. Breath in and breath out, hands come down. Step back into plank.

And now kind of just like fitness push up style, give yourself 10 push ups okay? So you wanna breath in when you lower, breath out when you come up. Breath in, exhale. Two. Exhale, three. Four.

Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine, you got this.

Ten. Pause here, breath in. Exhale. Inhale upward. Exhale downward. Gather your breath, bring back the balance of comfortable and steady.

Relaxed with just enough effort. Left leg rises breath in. Step it up breath out. Good. Back heel down, bring the block to the inside of the foot, left foot. Fingertips on the block, find your height, find your breath.

Good, right arm high. Right hip forward, left hip back. You can see if you're looking right? You want that left hip over here, pulled back. Right arm high extended side angle.

Straighten that front leg a little bit. If you wanna lift up a little higher on your fingertips feel free. Bend the left leg back into warrior two. Palms to the chest. Right hip forward, right heel lifts.

Let's move the block forward, out of the way a little bit. Okay balance right? We're going right into that pigeon. So the right leg, sweep it straight up, stand strong on the left leg. Bend the left leg, take the right angle pointing the right toes forward.

Open the hip. Arms forward, seat back. So you can keep reaching your fingertips forward as you push your hips back and you can see like when I'm about to fall I catch it you know? Up, out, back into lunge. Take a big breath in.

Last little transition let's go hands down, step back into plank pose, on your exhalation lower down, inhale upward exhale downward. Step your left foot up to the left pinkie, right to the right pinkie, squat with the exhale. Okay boat pose, we're gonna have a little fun here. Bring your seat down. And now let's start with boat pose upright like so.

So chest up. Try to stay away from this version of boat pose, chest up arms back, feel free to use your fingertips to lift your feet up, support your legs. Belly strong, you can stay just like so. You can even keep the heels down this is still engaging like crazy through the belly. Heels up if that's where you are, legs straight if you like, arms out in front of you.

You can practice lowering down, lower down chin to the chest legs come up. Breathe in. Now exhale, lift. (laughs) I'm gonna try that again breath in, and now exhale. Let's try four more, alright? Those are challenging.

Breathe in, lower. Shoulders up breath out, two. Breath in, breath out three. Breath in, breath out four. Good job.

On your exhale, full boat. End positive. Good, bring the feet down, roll down to your back, keep your shoulders lifted, legs 90 degrees, reach up 10 reaches okay? So breath in, exhale, strong core. Reach one. Reach two, exhale.

Three, exhale. Four. Five. Six, good job. Seven, eight, nine, and ten. Good roll back up, open up the belly with a reverse table. Right hand back, left hand back.

Feet below the knees eventually. So once you come up bring the knees over the ankles, hips up, roll the shoulders back. Good, chin to the chest, seat lowers, bridge. Roll down, you've got all that core strength. Roll on down and land.

So with this bridge pose, we did it before. Arms alongside the body, when you press through the feet and lift your hips reach your arms up overhead with the palms facing up. Good. We'll do five. So inhale, lower down. Exhale, lift, open the shoulders, chest.

Good that's two. Breath in, breath out. Lift the hips, reach the arms all the way back behind you. That's three. Good exhale, lift the hips.

Four. Exhale, five. Nice. Cross your right leg over your left as much as you can move whatever you need to move out of the way to make that happen. Shift your seat over to the right, arms out.

So it's that eagle leg twist. This is helpful to just close things out right. Both legs bent, twist. We'll take three breaths. And when I say close things out it generally means, what I mean here, is that to close out the practice it generally feels pretty good to twist and then add a knees to the chest.

Good, slowly come back out. Shift to center, shift the legs. Shift the seat over to the left, and when you're ready twist to the right. Kinda soaking up and savoring these last few minutes of your 30 days showing up. Maybe there's a little gentle smile on your face.

It's okay to give yourself credit it's a pretty big deal. Come back out to center, center yourself completely knees to chest. This helps kind of straighten out, lengthen out, neutralize, mid to low back. Okay feet come down. Our final rest together, make it comfortable whatever you need to do.

I wish I could add minutes and minutes and minutes so that we can keep practicing together but let's just pause here and find a relaxation letting go of everything. No need to think about anything. Whatever needs to sort of like stick and hold will. Stretch your arms over head. Stretch your legs.

Good, roll to your right side. Pause. Knees bent, resting your head. Take three more breaths here. Push up to sit. Cross your legs, let's take one breath maybe two in a folded position.

If you need to support your forehead, support your forehead on your fists. Push all the way up. So that's 30. 30 days of showing up. It feels a little weird honestly, to be ending.

If you have any, I'd love to be able to hear about your experience so message me. There's a message forum. If you have any questions moving forward. Anything I can do to help you along your journey, I'm totally there. What I invite you to kinda pay attention to moving forward is how you kinda move about in your life and where the yoga shows up.

Where you're like, the certain awareness that you may not have ever had is there now and it's like "oh that's kind of cool." Not even expecting anything, just noticing. Just like you do in the practice. A little more emphasis on noticing, paying attention in your daily life. So what I encourage you also to do is, if you're not already, is take classes. There's so many amazing instructors out there.

Yoga any time, studios nearby. Hopefully you feel the confidence now to go, you know, to go on your own. Or practice with other teachers. But it's been a big deal for me to show up and do this, so I cannot thank you enough for trusting me to guide you on this. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Namaste, thank you.


Whitney B
4 people like this.
that was fantastic. Your way of teaching is very encouraging without judging. Although I know you can't see your students I feel like you do. So thank you very much for 30 days of awesomeness
Robert Sidoti
Day 30!!!!! You did it! So impressed with you all! I hope you can see and feel my genuine enthusiasm and support!
What an accomplishment! Just the act of doing something everyday for 30 days is enough, then you add the yoga practice with all of its challenges that come up for you, but you carried on and stuck with it and now you are finished!
My deepest gratitude friends! Huge respect!
Robert Sidoti
Whitney! Good job and thanks for your sweet comment. I'm so happy that you were able to feel encouraged and supported even if it was virtual! I couldn't see you, but kinda could, but not in an awkward or weird way:)) Namaste!
Astrid U
3 people like this.
that was an incredible experience and your guidance was superb!!! Any suggestions for strengthening the arms.? I'm far from being able to do 10 pushups..... I'm thinking of starting this challenge all over again!
Dannette W
3 people like this.
Robert it was such an insightful 30 day adventure. I learned some new poses along way and the breathing has been very helpful outside in the "real" world where sometimes stress can get the better of me. Thank you for your humor, all of your daily efforts and open heartfelt guidance.
Maria Elena D
WooHoo!!!! I'm feeling so good right now, :) strong and flexible. thank you! thank you! thank you! Robert and Yoga Anytime this was an excellent challenge for me and a great way to start the year. Robert you are an awesome teacher, full of energy and enthusiasm, and joyful humor. I'm going to take a little break for complete integration, and then I want to start the challenge all over again, perhaps on a six days on, one day off schedule. So, Ill see you in a couple of days, Namaste!
Michelle Hewitt
Robert, that was fantastic thank you...
What a great kick start into daily yoga practice. My confidence has quietly increased, your casual, fun, encouraging sessions have done wonders. Namaste 🙏🏻
Tim S
2 people like this.
Just finished. What an amazing way to start yoga. I'll definitely look for more of your videos and keep going. Thank you so much!
Robert Sidoti
Maria! Good job and Congrats to you on this endeavor! You have been so supportive and positive throughout this experience, I'm sure there were others who read your comments and felt encouraged, so THANK YOU! See you at Day 1 whenever you decide to start again!
Robert Sidoti
So happy you joined us Michelle! Increased confidence, what a win! We ALL could use more confidence:) Big hug and tons of gratitude and respect, hope to see you again!
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