Yoga Rx Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 15

Upper Back and Neck Freedom

20 min - Practice


Patricia shares a practice to help us find ease and mobility, while developing stability beneath the surface. This floor sequence targets the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Through a series of gentle movements we work to unwind and release any tension or pain through the upper body. This exploration is designed to offer relief and inspire curiosity with the magical details.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


(crashing waves) Hi, thanks for tuning in. This practice is about finding ease and mobility with stability beneath the surface. Neck, shoulders, upper back. And the truth of it is, if your upper back ...


Awesome! Neck is SO much happier! 🙏
And I'm happy that your Neck is happier. Thanks for touching in and practicing with us. Love...
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Gosh this is sweet. Have been struggling with some upper back neck stuff for weeks and this was magical. Thank you, Patricia Sullivan!
So glad to hear this session brought you relief - thanks for letting us know. Blessings!
So lovely! Thank you!
Hi Mary, I'm happy too know that this session felt so good. Simple and gentle sometimes is the cats meow.
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So simple and helpful for those of us who have a dodgy neck. Incorporating all into my practice. Thank you!
Adrienne! So good to know this approach is benefitting you and that you're able to incorporating them into other practices. Thanks for touching in. Patricia

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