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Jasmine introduces to this season of the Yoga Flow Show, where she will share a wide-range of joyful, dynamic, and contemplative Lotus Flow™ sequences to awaken the chakras.
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Dec 14, 2016
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(waves) Namaste everyone. Welcome to this season of the Yoga Flow show on Yoga Anytime. My name is Jasmine Tarkeshi and I'm here to share with you the dance, the devotion, and the discipline of my practice with you. The style of practice that I'm gonna be sharing with you is called Lotus Flow. And it's a trademarked practice from the studios that have created in San Francisco and New York called Laughing Lotus.

So, as you can tell by the name, the practice is really joyful. It is quite dynamic but, at the same time, there's so much space for quiet and inner contemplation. The practices are all woven and threaded with yoga's timeless teachings to give your practice intention. And you're gonna experience really creative and fun standing pose sequences. We're gonna move through some funky arm balances together.

Some made up ones, some traditional ones. Some inversions to flip your life around. There's some nice deep forward bending. Expansive heart opening. So the range of expression that specifically touch on and awaken the chakra system within us, the different energy centers within us.

Each practice is gonna be fully devoted to awakening a particular one. So you can mix and match or see what you're drawn to in any particular day. Revisit them on a day when perhaps you know you need a little more lift in your life or if you need a little bit more grounding in your life. You can really begin to use them medicinally. So, I'm so excited to share these practices with you.

Roll out your mats and join me on the cosmic playground for our divine adventure that we're gonna be on together. And share everything that you uncover with everyone in your life and this wonderful world that we live in that needs you so much. So Namaste.


Mapi O
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sooo excited to have your presence in my living room. Namaste Jai MA
Jaime M
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What a gift!! Thank you💓
Adam B
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Om shanti!!
Laura M
I want to do a teacher training with you!!!

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